Advocating Sustainable Practices

Knauf promotes and encourages green building practices in this region

By Shilpa Chandran

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2021, 10:42 AM

Well-known manufacturer of gypsum-based building materials, Knauf has remained at the forefront of practicing and encouraging sustainable and green building practices through its products and systems.

The organisation is one of the leading voices in sourcing locally and manufacturing products that are locally made in the UAE.

“Knauf is the market leader for safe, healthy and comfortable designs for living spaces. Therefore, our focus remains in building innovative, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, sustainable and fairly priced products,” says Amer Bin Ahmed, Managing Director, Knauf Middle East and India.

“Our commitment towards building environmentally responsible and economically sustainable products locally have been applauded, recognised and certified by esteemed UAE government authorities such as Ministry of Interiors, Civil Defense, Central Laboratory, Quality and Conformity Council.”

EGBC and Knauf

Of the 15 years that Knauf has been in this region, the company has enjoyed a strong partnership with Emirates Green Building Council for the past five.

“EGBC provides technical knowledge based seminars and workshops on sustainability and sustainable projects and construction materials. It has helped our team to embrace the culture of clean and lean building – sustainable manufacturing mindset. In addition, EGBC has stayed at the head of market development especially in government regulations and insight into the industry.”

Torchbearers of a Green World

Sustainability is one of the firm’s must-win battles throughout. It works on three main pillars that include caring and acting for the People, being responsible for the Environment, and contributing to the Economy.

“We focus on keep developing products and services that are ecofriendly with lower carbon footprint, reducing waste in our production processes, reducing energy consumption, and continuing sustainable practices to reduce waste in our industry over all. This way we will also focus on our customers and suppliers, and work with them to align with the sustainable practices of our business as it affects and stakeholder in the industry, not just one single organisation.

“As a multinational company, we have a mutual responsibility to transfer the know-how to our customers by showing them how we can work together in harmony.”

Quality Unmatched

Knauf’s high performing, innovative systems are fast and easy to install and are manufactured to meet ASTM, EN-BS and DIN Standards.

Knauf products that come out of the line are rigorously tested, certified, approved and socio- environmentally responsible. Certifications awarded to its products include ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), 14001 (Health, Environment and Safety), 18001 (OHSAS) and 50001 (Energy Management).

Expanding into a Greener Future

Knauf is currently focused in its primary market, the UAE and the wider GCC to develop more commercially viable solutions at reasonable prices. “We are looking to increase footprint in the entire GCC region through sustainable growth and consistent supply chain in the market and deliver sustainable solutions that are locally compliant.

“We are all coming out of a global pandemic. Ensuring business continuity is our top priority. Together with our customers, we can develop innovative solutions that provide maximum productivity, added value and application reliability.”

As one of the advocates of sustainable building practices and products, Amer advices others in the industry in adapting and including sustainable practices that is beneficial to people and the environment at large. “My advice to companies is to follow a linear strategic corporate goal with government vision to help reduce energy consumption,” he concludes.

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