Adventure And Innovation In Al Ain


Agnes Nathaniel, Principal, Excel International School Al Ain
Agnes Nathaniel, Principal, Excel International School Al Ain

Fostering a ‘Can-Do’ attitude in learning

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Published: Wed 22 Jun 2022, 9:00 AM

Excel International School Al Ain brings with it a freshness. Simple but exhaustive and powerful ideas are at the heart of Excel International School Al Ain. Learning outside the classroom through adventurous activities or inside the classroom through innovation is known to have significant educational benefits. It helps children develop technical, intellectual and social skills by overcoming challenges and sharing decisions. From a psychological perspective, the students at Excel develop a ‘can do’ attitude that can be applied to all aspects of school life. A sense of determination is instilled, which gives them the confidence to face challenges, deal with emotions, and a desire to succeed.

The Discovery Forest, an awe-inspiring nature-filled resource area, is creatively designed for curious young minds as they pass through Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Sensory resources will activate all five senses of the little ones passing by touching and smelling the aroma of different leaves while hearing the nearby water gushing into the irrigation project. Heading to the plantation beds, the students prepare the soil to plant their seeds or cuddle up either on their soft cushions or climb onto their imaginative mushroom stools and get engrossed in their reading. Some students can have fun in the rain area and others can try new vocabulary during their role-play period in the market area. The novel amphitheatre gives students endless opportunities to express themselves in drama and art.The innovative sandbox will not distract them — enhancing their metacognitive abilities.

When an organisation constantly renews itself in its quest to provide its most important stakeholder — the student, with the highest quality of education possible, it has no fear of incorporating new strategies into curriculum planning or exploring avenues of learning beyond the classroom and textbooks. — Agnes Nathaniel, Principal, Excel International School Al Ain

For the restless and inquisitive minds of Key Stage 3, the school have created the most exciting Curiosity Labs and The Maker’s Labs.

The school has recognised its students were being taught to regurgitate information upon request rather than to think, plan, and act independently. To counter this, the Life Skills Training Track has been created for the Key Stage 4 students.

The sister schools of Excel have accomplished much in bringing excellent results in the all-important exams, year after year. Without any inhibition, Excel boys and girls school hopes to follow suit by achieving impressive results in academics, sports and skill development.

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