Golfing Revolution: The self-modified golf clubs that have 'shaped' Bryson DeChambeau's success

This week at Augusta the player they call the 'Mad Scientist' is using approved prototype irons for the first time on one of the biggest stages in the world

By Nick Tarratt, Khaleej Times Guest Golf Writer LIVE at The Masters.

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The planning... - Instagram
The planning... - Instagram

Published: Sat 13 Apr 2024, 9:44 PM

Last updated: Sun 14 Apr 2024, 5:01 PM

With The Masters 36-holes at the halfway stage as I write this column the focus today is on the joint-leader Bryson DeChambeau – not his golf game but his equipment.

DeChambeau is known as the ‘Mad Scientist’ for tinkering with his equipment and introducing his unique take on the game by using irons all of the same length.

We thought that was extreme.

This week at Augusta he is using some prototype irons, that were only approved by the governing body for equipment, the USGA, earlier this week.

Would the average golfer attempt to use new clubs in the Club Championship at his home club, let alone a Major on the global stage? We doubt it.

The making... - Instagram
The making... - Instagram

It is acknowledged that DeChambeau may have had some practice with them over the last few weeks, but he has certainly not used them in tournament golf.

So, what is the difference?

In collaboration with Avoda Golf, he has introduced a new curvature face to his irons, with added bulge, similar to the design of drivers and fairways woods.

After his opening round, he spoke to the Golf Channel about his revolutionary new equipment.

“It's just a speed thing when I hit it on the toe or heel a little bit, it just seems to fly a lot straighter,” DeChambeau explained. “This is what has allowed me to hit some iron shots a lot straighter and be more comfortable over the ball.”

The tinkering... - Instagram
The tinkering... - Instagram

Technically speaking the curvature of the iron face from heel to toe provides a ‘gear effect’ which, according to DeChambeau, is much more forgiving than his ‘usual’ irons.

The ball hit from the toe usually starts on target and then turns away from the target, and the same from an iron struck in the heel.

This new technology, argues DeChambeau, sees the toed or heeled strike start off target and then due to the weight support in the club, either with an open or closed clubface, the ball returns to the intended target – so it is all about the mis-hits.

The irons are produced with 3D printing to uniquely create a bulge shape.

DeChambeau has excelled over the first two days and sits jointly top of the leaderboard.

The finished product in use. - Instagram
The finished product in use. - Instagram

The 30-year-old American, now playing on the LIV Golf Tour, was the winner of the 2019 HERO Dubai Desert Classic and 2020 US Open amongst his many achievements to date in his stellar career.

He has also bulked up physically in a bid to add length to his game, before seemingly rolling back to a more modest athletic build. DeChambeau certainly tries and tests everything to gain those marginal benefits.

Is he a unique playing pioneer in the current world of golf? It seems so and so far it is all working this week.

We will watch with interest how he continues his play over the next couple of days as well as the development of the bulge and roll in irons in the next few months and perhaps years in the game.

Will these irons soon be the norm in the game. Anything is possible, especially with the ‘Mad Scientist’!


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