Life is all about constant learning

Published: Sat 26 Jan 2019, 8:08 PM

Last updated: Sat 26 Jan 2019, 10:09 PM

The article, Never too old to study. Look at her breaking records at 97 (KT, Jan. 25), was an inspiring read. I shudder at the thought of waking up before dawn to go for a cleaning job to a temple far away. But K Amma did to support a family of six children and her husband. In contrast, we who live in the cities can hardly think of doing such back-breaking chores that she effortlessly did to support her family. The heart-breaking news of losing four children and husband when she was 35 must have been awful but she carried on resolutely. Despite the challenges that life threw at her, I was awestruck with her resolve to educate herself at this age in life.
Hats off to such a brave soul who never looked back and shows so much interest in learning. She deserves to be given a substantial award, which will support not only her but inspire millions of poor men and women who can see merit in fighting their social and monetary hardships and educate themselves. However, we must also improve the poor standard of education at our primary schools where the eighth standard students cannot do the basic arithmetic meant for second standard kids. With poor quality of education how can the poor be uplifted?
Congratulations to K, Amma on her success. May she live long to set an example for others. - Aftab Ahmed, Dubai

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