Engels ties the knot in Kerala; Marx, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh bless couple

The event featured a never-before-seen guest list

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Published: Thu 18 Nov 2021, 2:07 PM

No, this is not some fictional piece about international revolutionaries at a get-together.

Engels, Marx, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh were all there at a social event in Athirapally in Kerala’s Thrissur district on Sunday, and they had a great time interacting with the masses.

The four men, named after the revolutionaries by their parents, got together to celebrate a wedding.

Engels got married to Bismitha at the local community hall and had invited the others for the event.

“It is very rare to have all the giants in communism come together in a single frame,” remarked Engels as a group photograph, along with Bismitha, was taken at the event.

"Every family here is a staunch follower of the Communist party. My dad Thomas and Ouseph, the father of Marx and Ho Chi Minh, have been friends and neighbours. They were die-hard Communists and followed the ideology to the letter."

While Thomas and Ouseph named their sons after the German philosophers (Friedrich Engels – 1820-1895; and Karl Marx – 1818-1883), the erstwhile Soviet ruler (Vladimir Lenin – 1870-1924) and the Vietnamese revolutionary (Ho Chi Minh – 1890-1969), their sisters have normal Indian names.


Engels has been a member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) at Athirapally for 12 years, but his brother Lenin is not into politics.

Bismitha was also active in politics during her college days, but is not active now. As for naming their future kids after the revolutionaries, Engels was non-committal: “As a staunch communist, I would like to follow my father’s trend. However, this is a decision that I won’t be able to take all by myself; I would need my wife to agree to it.”

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