Abu Dhabi: Media coverage of triple murder case banned

Abu Dhabi - Some sections of media had put out false reports relating to the case.

By Staff Report

Published: Tue 27 Jul 2021, 11:07 AM

Last updated: Tue 27 Jul 2021, 11:10 AM

Abu Dhabi’s Attorney-General has banned all media coverage relating to the case of a man, who murdered three members of his family.

Ali Mohammed Alblooshi, Attorney-General of Abu Dhabi, specified that the ban applies to all “written, audio and visual media as well as social media platforms”.

The decision also prohibits the expression of any personal opinion and commentary on the case, or mentioning any names involved till the Public Prosecution refers the case to the competent court.

In a statement, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department said some sections of the media and social media handles have circulated many false reports about the case. These reports were based on unofficial sources and created “confusion in the community”.

They undermined peace because of the “rash and irresponsible way in which the information was disseminated”. The reports did not adhere to the standards of credibility and also failed to respect the privacy of the affected family.

In this context, the Public Prosecution has initiated an investigation against a media outlet and a person for “giving false information” about the case without being authorised to do so.

The Attorney-General said that the Public Prosecution has opened an investigation into the murder case and has taken the necessary legal measures.

He stressed that the “prohibition of media handling of the case is dictated by legal precautions so as not to influence the course of the investigations or compromise the safety of the community”.

This will also protect the rights and privacy of the affected family.

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