Etiquette resolutions for the new year


Published: Thu 17 Dec 2020, 11:21 PM

Last updated: Fri 18 Dec 2020, 7:16 AM

This has been a difficult year, one that has challenged our values and principles. As we move on to a new year, it’s important to remind ourselves of the codes of conduct that define us and make us who we are. Once we have internalised these values, we will have satisfactory social and professional lives.

By Konkana Bakshi

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1. Grow your influence with etiquette: When you embrace principles of etiquette (consideration, respect, honesty, reliability and great relationship-building skills), you will enjoy a better life, financial prospects, skills, qualifications, contacts and a problem-solving approach to life. Most importantly, it will help you earn great reputation. Remember, your image is your biggest asset for success.

2. Look for solutions instead of moaning: Certain situations are just not under our control. So, no point in moaning over it and losing your energy while trying to fix it. Sometimes, you have to move on and find a solution instead of complaining perennially about a disappointing business or a business deal that’s taking too long to close to even a demanding relationship. Sometimes, we don’t let go of our work problems and tend to emotionally depend on our work relationships. Don’t waste too much time in moaning; change is the only constant and we will need to accept it.

3. Value your word: You’re as good as your words. If your word is not worth relying on, then your overall image becomes questionable. It’s also a strong value system some of us have grown up with. Improve on your sense of commitment. This will close many opportunities for you. Your reliability can give you professional leverage

4. Be fair during conflicts: People will respect you for your fairness, it will add to your credibility and you will have a strong image. Don’t be afraid of conflict, it’s a part of life. We don’t go looking for one, but avoiding it is not always wise. That means you never set the boundaries. Just stand up for yourself but be fair. It could be asking for a raise from your boss or asking your staff to be more efficient.

5. Be proactive: Whatever you put your mind into, just be proactive in trying to achieve your goals. It’s got nothing to do with etiquette, but it’s useful to remember that even etiquette is a choice and a resolution needs commitment.

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