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Published: Mon 31 Jan 2022, 5:36 PM

Kate Instone

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Founder and Creative Director, Blush International

Heralding from a design and architectural background Instone’s knowledge of art and architecture has informed her natural instinct to combine elegance and beauty with effortless functionality.

Describe you, the designer

As a designer, I believe my role is to truly listen to my client, as a designer I want to design homes that have the ability to create positive change in my clients lives. I believe that my job is to improve my client’s quality of life and I can only do this if my client’s homes are both beautiful and functional.

In order for us to create the perfect home for our clients, we must first get to know our clients. We must know our client’s goals for their new homes and their lives within their home; it is not until we have all of this information that we can start the design process. There is an immense sense of well-being when you arrive home and everything has a place, living in an organised space without clutter or confusion. I firmly believe that home is your sanctuary, a place of safety and peace.

What is design for you?

Design is everywhere. I believe that design and life are aligned.

I believe a room or building talks to you; it tells you what will work best for it, what it wants. I don’t believe in just one style for all projects. I believe that each area/room/space deserves its own style. This philosophy is true for life too. Each area of your life should also be considered (like a room), one rule/style does not apply to each part of your life/personality. In both life and design, you should always follow your instincts. Be selective in both life and design.

What inspires you?

Inspiration is everywhere. My father is a renowned architect and from an early age, he would hunt out the most beautiful and interesting buildings in the world to explore. From historic treasures to brutalist monuments, he would take us on tours to discover their individual beauty and cultural influence. These buildings have been imprinted in my memory and I always draw inspiration from these memories and experiences.

Your masterpiece.

My masterpiece is my family home here in Dubai. I have created a space that I walk into and instantly feel happy. I have woven my families narrative throughout the fabric of our villa, artwork that was picked up from a flea market in LA during a family holiday, the sofa from my very first London apartment that I shared with my husband. It’s not a showroom, it’s a beautiful family home.

The art room is a space I created for the children where they can be completely free and creative. They can paint on the walls, on the floors; they have a workbench and a sewing machine. Our library is such a serene and calming space. It overlooks the main hallway, so you still feel connected to the main house. I furnished this with a stunning vintage bookshelf from the odd piece here in Dubai, with a collection of books that span from when my husband and I were children to present day. Vintage chairs are from a thrift shop of Portobello Road in Notting hill.

A designer you can resonate with.

I have many designers whom I greatly admire. Alberto Pinto, before Pinterest and Instagram, I would spend hours flicking through his book searching for inspiration. Then there is Jacques Garcia. I have been obsessed with ever since I visited Hotel Costes in 1995. The drama and sheer elegance of the design was overwhelming.

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