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A convenient and affordable way towards a 'health, beauty and wellness lifestyle' is now available across the Middle East - Teami Blends

By Rhonita Patnaik

Published: Thu 29 Apr 2021, 6:06 AM

Last updated: Thu 27 May 2021, 8:09 AM

Teami Blends origins

It is said that 'necessity is the mother of invention'.

For Teami Blends co-founder and CEO, Adi Arezzini, former military service personnel who also had an addiction to coffee, personal health issues involving her digestive system created that necessity. Unwanted body toxins left her feeling exhausted, constipated and bloated even at the very young age of 23.

This need drove Arezzini to embark on a quest to explore better and more natural ways of getting rid of body toxins. Not long after did she find herself blending her own high-quality loose-leaf tea until she created the perfect formulation to help solve her digestive issues. This then gave birth to Teami Blends.

From tea blends crafted and sourced from organic, premium and hand-selected tea leaves, Teami Blends has since grown and expanded into wellness (supplements) and skincare products to support the many facets of health using only all-natural, plant-based quality ingredients.

'It's not just tea, it's a lifestyle'

"People now have a much better and well-placed appreciation of a healthier lifestyle amidst the new set of challenges that we currently have," said Vanessa Douglas, owner and CEO of Plutas, exclusive distributor of Teami across the Middle East.

"Teami Blends' tea, wellness and skincare lines offer a convenient way to achieve our health goals. And with only plant-based, natural ingredients used for each product, they are ideal for vegans as well. "I believe in the brand because I personally experienced how Teami products have made a lot of difference in improving and enhancing my health and wellness. This is the first time I have really fallen in love with a brand," Douglas added. "And so, I thought of bringing Teami over to the Middle East so that people here - from practically all ages - can also experience what I have experienced, and that we can all together enjoy the journey towards a proper wellness and healthy lifestyle simply because Teami is not just tea, it's a lifestyle!"

Tea Blends

Teami Blends has created their own unique tea blends using only all-natural teas, herbs and ingredients, with each blend made to help us live a healthier lifestyle.

Bloating, fatigue and digestion problems are just some of the most common effects of toxins in the body. Teami Blends' Skinny and Colon Cleanse blends are best for detoxifying naturally.

Other products in the Teami Blends line include Profit to help reduce cravings and strengthen the immune system. Boost helps increase natural energy and boost metabolism. To soothe stomach aches and improve the digestive function, there's Refresh.

Teami Blends also has tea blends to help in relaxation (Relax) as well as to control cravings for sweets (Bloom).


Teami Blends' wellness line includes supplements that are meant to assist in achieving general wellness and well-being.*

Restore combines three restorative ingredients such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin C.

Plant-based protein supplement, Wellness Protein (available in vanilla and chocolate flavours), is a delicious way to get your daily protein requirements.

Greens is a dietary supplement that blends spirulina, wheatgrass, spinach and matcha to help in the daily intake of vegetables.

Beauty Butterfly Collagen is made from non-GMO, wild-caught marine collagen exclusively from codfish scales. Collagen is a great source of amino acids for healthy hair, skin and nails.

These daily supplements are great for smoothies and are gluten, dairy and soy-free and have no artificial sugar.


From facial scrubs, detox and beauty masks to facial oils and serums - Teami Blends has packaged the beauty benefits of tea through their tea-infused skincare products to help achieve that glowing skin.

Teami Detox Mask and Teami Green Tea Facial Scrub are great for fighting or reducing acne with their antioxidant properties.

The Repair and Glow tea-infused facial oils hydrate, repair and moisturise skin. Vit-C serum infused with hibiscus flower rich in Vitamin C is perfect for achieving radiant skin.

Teami Blends' skincare products are made with organic ingredients and are free from harmful preservatives or chemicals. The skincare line also includes make-up remover, beauty sponge and facial mist/toner.

And, while being purely an organic product, Teami is affordable especially at a time when people have also become more conscious about how or where they spend their money.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Teami has already experienced phenomenal success in the US that even high-profile celebrities like Kylie Jenner - an extremely popular socialite, model, and businesswoman, as well as Cardi B - a popular rapper, songwriter, and television personality, are among those who strongly believe in the Teami brand.

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