UAE: First-ever 5G-powered ambulances to boost emergency care, save lives

This new feature allows remote diagnosis by enabling a seamless connection between patients, ambulance staff, and medical experts


Ashwani Kumar

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Published: Mon 23 Oct 2023, 11:41 AM

Last updated: Mon 23 Oct 2023, 2:34 PM

Abu Dhabi-based Response Plus Medical (RPM) and etisalat by e& have introduced a new generation of advanced 5G-connected ambulances to improve response time, enhance emergency medical care, and save crucial lives.

RPM is a subsidiary of Response Plus Holding – the UAE's largest on-site healthcare, emergency medical services, and occupational health solutions provider. It was in last November that RPM and etisalat by e& inked a partnership for 5G-connected ambulances. According to RPM, this is the first fleet of ambulances in the UAE to be connected over a 5G private network.

With this new feature, RPM’s fleet of ambulances allows remote diagnosis by enabling a seamless connection between patients, ambulance staff, and medical experts. RPM’s more than 350 ambulance fleet will benefit from the high speed and low latency of the 5G network, allowing vehicles to locate patients who need immediate care in critical moments, as well as enabling real-time transmission of patient vitals and health data from the vehicle directly to the command centre or hospital.

Lizinda Van Heerden, RPM’s integrated ambulance fleet in charge, underlined that technological advancement would bolster patient care in emergencies.

“I think we are moving into an era of excitement. This 5G network will provide real-time data, which will be exchanged between first responders and medical practitioners. Data will be transferred faster with low latency, enabling images to be analysed quickly. This will lead to a more accurate diagnosis before the patient arrives at the hospital,” Van Heerden noted.

This service will further contribute to elevating the standards of the country’s healthcare sector by providing effective solutions that deliver advanced patient care, support professionals, and promote the well-being of the population.

RPM featured the new ambulance during the recently concluded Gitex Global at Dubai World Trade Centre.


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