My Dubai Car: 'My Maserati is a great fashion accessory'

UAE resident on her favour ride

By George Kuruvilla

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Photos by Shihab
Photos by Shihab

Published: Thu 4 Apr 2024, 7:26 PM

Name: Dr. Nisha Vijayan Rohira

Car: 2016 Maserati GranTurismo Sport

Nationality: Indian

Profession: Endodontist, model, ex-TV host and a mom of twins

In Dubai since: 2011

In a world where we are required to wear many hats, this Bahrain-born resident of Dubai showcases human potential in as many ways as possible. Dr. Nisha V. Rohira is an Endodontist, who coincidentally has used the magic of her pearly whites i.e., smile, to shine in front of the camera in the past. She also holds the highest unofficial working title as the mother of twin boys.

Yet, in all of life’s hustles, she’s able to nurture her passion for cars, leading her to the driver’s seat of the racy Maserati GranTurismo Sport. Here’s a glimpse into her wonderfully manic life:

Photo by Shihab
Photo by Shihab

When did you move to Dubai and what do you like most about this city?

I was born and raised in Bahrain, but Dubai has been my home since 2011. While I love Dubai for many reasons, what stands out for me personally is that this country embraces people from every corner of the world regardless of their ethnicity, culture, or beliefs. It is the best example of how so many of us with such diverse backgrounds can live in peace and harmony.

What do you do for work and how do you spend your days?

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery and a Master’s in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. My professional career has cut across dental practice, academics, medical revenue management, clinical informatics, and medical business development. I have now shifted lanes to fully dedicate myself to raise my twin boys. I am also a trained dance artist, a model — on print and runway — and have also been a TV host.

Photo by Shihab
Photo by Shihab

On most days, its an early start thanks to my kids' school, followed by my fitness routine (weight training/ zumba/ yoga/ pilates), then I run errands, manage our home and kids' ECAs, and more.

What kind of car-related activities do you enjoy?

Thanks to the car clubs in Dubai, I have had the privilege to enjoy many activities like track days, social engagements, dealer events and weekend drives. But honestly, what I enjoy the most is just driving alone and vibing to good music.

What made you purchase your Maserati GranTurismo Sport?

I have always enjoyed my cars and my previous ride was a fiery MINI, which was an absolute treat to drive. I wanted to take it to the next level with something a bit racier. My preference was for something that stood out, but in a stylish and elegant way. With the GTS, I get that perfect combination, an Italian sportscar with a 4.7-litre V8 engine and a snarling exhaust, and a wonderful GT for daily life.

Photo by Shihab
Photo by Shihab

What do you like most about your car and what could be improved?

I absolutely love its colour and the sound lives up to its reputation. It functions perfectly as a daily driver and in a split second, it can light up the tyres and satisfy my need for speed. I love everything about it, but the electronics could, definitely, be better.

What does your Maserati mean to you?

It expresses my love and passion for cars, and it also turns out to be a great fashion accessory. In my life, I spend a fair part of 'me time' in my car as I work the daily hustle. Hence, it is important that I have a vehicle that I enjoy driving, shifting gears and revving its engine, while listening to some great music.

If money were no object what car or SUV would you have in your garage? Where would you like to drive it?

Oh, maybe a Lamborghini Urus in matte black, a Ferrari Portofino in midnight purple, a Rolls Royce Dawn in British racing green and I could go on. Driving through the picturesque curves of mountain passes in Switzerland or in Italy would be an absolute dream in one of these cars.

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