What's the use of miles on a credit card if I cannot redeem them?

It's a shame that some financial companies of repute are failing to keep their promises and have customers like me run from pillar to post to seek redressal. I have been using a credit card that allows me to accrue miles for every dollar spent. Last year, I had about 40,000 miles as balance and I tried to redeem by booking tickets. However, their website wasn't working and I decided to cancel my subscription. The credit card company executive, however, persuaded me to pay my annual subscription amount of Dh1,500 and continue using the card, suggesting the website would be up and running soon. They credited 50,000 additional miles to my account on renewal of the card, but I haven't been able to make use of them since the website still doesn't work. It's been six months and I feel cheated. I have been asking for a refund, or a way by which I can redeem the miles for tickets, but I am given one excuse or another each time.
Is there a redressal centre that can assist me in addressing this issue?
-Sajid Motiwala, Dubai

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