Strive for excellence to become successful

The opinion column, Why some people remain underachievers their whole life (KT, Feb 5) brought forth some valid points. Despite burning midnight oil and striving diligently, some people don't gain success. Nothing is more depressing than feeling that your efforts were futile. When you start out in life with great hopes and you fail to achieve the desired results, it is quite frustrating.
Several reasons can be cited for lacklustre achievements. Fear of success and fear of failure can be really crippling. When 'what ifs' come in the way, success becomes a distant dream. Half-hearted commitment to work, inability to get along with other people, lack of focus and drive are some of the prime reasons for not accomplishing success.
Instead of feeling upset about the inability to achieve success and going through an emotional roller-coaster ride, if one perseveres, overcomes the negative thoughts, believes in his or her ability, and surges ahead with 'never-say-die' attitude, success will not elude. It will come knocking at your door.
-Jayashree Kulkarni, Pune, India

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