Cedars Business Services: Why are debt collectors so intimidating?

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Published: Thu 28 Jul 2022, 5:20 PM

Last updated: Wed 3 Aug 2022, 4:33 PM

Debt is a common thing. Most Americans have it. Credit cards, medical debt, bills we forgot to pay. It’s an unfortunate situation we get ourselves into that causes mental and financial stress. The only way to make it go away is to pay the debts we owe, and sometimes the financial stress we’re under makes it hard to find a way out.

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Eventually, those past-due accounts end up being passed on to a collection agency like Cedars Business Services. The first demand letter comes in the mail informing you that the account has been sent to collections, and suddenly the situation seems much more daunting than a simple delinquent account.

There seems to be this autogenic fear that rushes over us once a debt collection agency is involved. Maybe it’s a feeling of guilt for not making payments on time. Maybe it’s as if we feel we’ve broken the law. Regardless of the cause, the fear rushes over you like a wave. Now what?

The phone calls start coming. You knew they would. Now is the time to face the fear of the debt collector. How mean are they going to be? Are they going to humiliate you and make you feel like a criminal for not paying your bill? Are they going to demand you pay in full right now?

The truth is that reliable collection agencies like Cedars Business Services aren’t scary at all. To ease your mind a little, here are some real facts about debt collectors.

1. They’re normal people like you.

Debt collectors are husbands, wives, sons, and daughters. They’re working to pay their mortgage and bills the same way you do. Believe it or not, many of them have debts of their own. Although the fear that overwhelms us tries to convince us otherwise, they’re no different than you and I.

2. They’re not mad at you.

Collectors have no reason to be angry with you. You’ve done nothing to them. If you come across a collector call that acts angry or uses harsh language, it’s very likely a scam. Scammers try to scare you into paying something you don’t owe. Huge red flag to look for. Real debt collectors won’t do that to you, and if they do, report them. No good collector should be aggressive.

3. Helping is their goal.

The main purpose of a debt collection call is to help both parties involved. Of course, they were hired by the creditor to collect from you. But any legitimate collector knows to do that, they must be willing to work with you too. They want to help you resolve your debt agreeably and take the stress off your shoulders.

Here are some other important FAQs for Cedars Business Services that you can check.

Long story short, debt collectors are the opposite of scary. They’re the relief you need when you’re in a situation you don’t quite know how to get out of. They can help you find a resolution that you may not know existed. Your mind will be free from one of the many stresses that adult life brings. So, thank them, don’t fear them.

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