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Vaibhav Gupta is taking over his company, DesiCrypto towards exponential growth

Gupta is working towards expanding his agency DesiCrypto into different verticals and services in the coming years

Published: Thu 7 Apr 2022, 12:36 PM

The kind of success and the level of momentum a few industries have attained across the world have turned people’s heads and have also made them wonder about the varied reasons that might have helped those industries gain massive momentum and growth. Though there could be innumerable reasons behind it, no one can deny the endless efforts and relentless drive with which a few self-driven and passionate professionals and entrepreneurs work in order to take their brands and businesses and eventually their niches to greater success levels. Doing this and much more and still going beyond boundaries to create his unique niche as a marketing entrepreneur is an Indian talent named Vaibhav Gupta, the brain behind his one-of-a-kind agency called DesiCrypto.

Who really is Gupta, you wonder? Well, this wondrous boy has taken over the crypto marketing realm in ways more than one and thus has become a notable personality in the industry with his incredible and India’s first guerrilla marketing agency for all things cryptocurrency. Many youngsters desire to be a part of the defy space either by becoming traders, NFT, and crypto proponents or other professionals, but Gupta stepped foot in the industry to become a marketing professional and entrepreneur and push forward the growth of varied crypto projects that deserve public’s attention. He has been passionately marketing cryptocurrencies and has so far enhanced the reach and growth of many such projects.

All those blockchain and crypto projects that need or demand the right push in the industry to attract more investors can get in touch with DesiCrypto for its winning crypto marketing strategies and techniques that draw more success and growth for them. Gupta’s leadership has already made possible the training of around 50 youngsters to work in the crypto world by spreading the right insights and knowledge among them and educating them in the right direction. Also, DesiCrypto has grown to a team of 25 people and thus brings more innovative solutions to the field of crypto marketing.

Gupta now wants the Indian government to be more actively involved in the growing Crypto ecosystem as it is going to drive more opportunities in the industry. Currently, he is also working towards expanding DesiCrypto into different verticals and services.

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