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Published: Fri 24 Jun 2022, 1:19 PM

Last updated: Fri 24 Jun 2022, 1:21 PM

The true meaning of HODL

By Emily Milton

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The phrase 'hold on for dear life', better known as 'HODL' is a phrase that is often associated with meme investing, but the true meaning is not about memes, it is about belief. HODLing is a success for the many to break the cyclical nature of the few and was bred to enable success and financial freedom for the everyday retail investor. Now more than ever, it is time to HODL and profit from this dip, with many investors adding to their position from faith in the market and their fellow HODLers.

Logarithmic finance (LOG) is helping democratise the world of presale

One new project entering the ecosystem with the utility to democratise the world of presale is Logarithmic finance (LOG). Logarithmic finance is looking to make start-up and presale coins more accessible and enhance crypto HODLers' freedom through their layer-3 swapping protocol.

LOG is a secure, non-custodial, cross-chain project that partners with presale coins that allow investors a consolidated place to oversee all of their presale assets and create an effective mini ETF by linking your Defi wallets. To purchase presale coins, which will be accessible via their native coin LOG, you choose the pool and blockchain for the project to be purchased and can choose the quantity you want to purchase or swap. It is that simple.

When receiving your tokens, your allocation is released in one of two ways. Many presale coins have liquidity locking or vesting periods during the presale, which is primarily to mitigate those who are looking to make a quick return on their investment rather than participate in the long-term project. If the tokens have a vesting period, they are safely stored in the log’s time freeze pool and will be released upon the vesting period; otherwise, the tokens will enter the direct access pool and be available immediately.

The potential logarithmic finance has to democratise the world of presale and enable users easy access to the best start-up projects is clear to see. If you are looking for your next HODL play, LOG offers users a good option.

Avalanche, the next generation for Web3 dApps

Over the last year, Avalanche (AVAX) has been gathering the attention of developers and investors alike as the Layer-1 solution has the potential to rival the likes of ethereum and solana in the Web3 and dApp space.

Avalanche is the fastest and smart contracts platform in the industry and offers cross-chain integration, a bridge to multiple wallets, and a level of operability that helps developers create the best applications. With Ethereum being riddled with high gas fees and the community having some doubts about solana due to reported network outages, Avalanche is well-positioned to compete with the market leaders.

Moreover, Avalanche uses solidity for smart contract development, which is the same as ethereum, so developers are already familiar with the script and design patterns but benefit from the superior speeds and lower fees associated with the platform when you enter the deployment stage.

Although the price of Avalanche has dropped, as many cryptos have been hit by the recent market crash, as a long-term HODL play it looks like a project that has great potential. In a developer-driven market, projects that are given plaudits from those who work on the network are usually a good indicator of the upside.

The Layer-0 alternative that’s found its niche

Polkadot (DOT) is the world’s first layer-0 protocol that acts as the 'blockchain of blockchains' by enabling separate chains to interact with each other safely and securely. Polkadot works by having multiple unique layer-1s that run alongside each other and connect to the relay chain. Each separate layer-1 has it's token and functionality but interacts with each other seamlessly through connection to the relay chain.

What Polkadot has created is a network that does not have a one size fits all mentality and will allow the development of multiple dApps and Web3 developments to be synonymous with one another, yet different in design and structure, and serve separate functions.

Because Polkadot offers the ability to have its ecosystem within an ecosystem whilst being fully integrated and consolidated, it is attractive to many developers and users. The Polkadot community is one of the strongest because of its unique structure and bright future. If you are looking for an alternative Web3 development HODL Polkadot is not a bad option.



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