The world’s first 3D dental NFT collection


Published: Tue 19 Apr 2022, 2:39 PM

It has been nearly impossible to not hear about non fungible tokens (NFTs) and the hype for digital rights, tokens, and proof of ownership. I got introduced to the world of NFT which happens to be the new technology, the new trend that is taking over the world, which will be introduced to nearly every industry gradually in several ways whether to present the art itself or to introduce people to certain communities, which are linked to those NFT arts.

By By Dr Mohammed Naji

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I’ve been doing several researches about NFTs. It’s a creative, wide world of information and art. The more it grows the more industries are joining. It has earned its recognition, because of the unique ways to buy and sell digital artwork and because of the way it works. So, what is the hype about NFTs? They’re unique with identifying codes. It earns sellers and buyers trust too because it's also more like the body guard; the cyber security in the digital zone. For instance, it allows you to buy an item that has a meaning or a value to you, not only that but it reserves copyrights that provide ownership rights. It contains a built-in authentication which is a proof of ownership. I’ve noticed that the collectors or buyers are often more interested in the digital bragging right more than in the purchase itself, because it is the new technology, the trend that is growing.

In terms of products and item’s authenticity and tracing product histories, customers are able to trace the origins of raw materials that are used to create their purchase, look for items within a specific store, and have a view on trading activities used in the market.

Since you can authenticate and trace the origin, time and date of the item manufactured, NFTs might increase the value of the physical product too.

People started to know more about NFT after looking at known names in the community like the co-founder of Twitter who sold his first tweet ever for more than $2.4 million, as well as celebrities like Snoop Dog and Lindsey Lohan.

Recently, the fashion industry has started to adopt a spot in the digital area. One way they have found to attract, bond, verify, and connect with consumers is through NFT’s.

Gucci was the first major luxurious brand to sell NFTs, it was a short 4-minutes film but sold for 25,000 USD.

Dolce and Gabbana's (D&G) NFTs debut, was not only digital but also physical, the buyers of each NFT received not only the NFT but also the physical version of the items as well as exclusive access to D&G events.

As for the healthcare sector, it’s not only students or healthcare professionals who can benefit from NFTs, but also patients. The healthcare sector is the newest frontier for NFT. Health records/data, human blood, and medications (pharmaceutical drugs) are recorded and represented to patients as NFTs.

Using NFT in health data looks very promising. Patients are aware of health data but they are not aware that they are able to access it. It will allow identification and also will guarantee ownership. Many entrepreneurs are making the use of NFTs as a method to deconcentrate data collection, optimise access, and allow patients to be in control of their own health records.

As for pharmaceuticals, if a medication is recalled from drugstores, it can be marked on NFT, and drags the attention of anyone who was able to trace it. Prescription orders can also be linked to NFTs by readily restraining them back to who wrote them and avoiding copied prescriptions.

From here, I would like to proudly announce my first collection which was developed in collaboration with Wagmi Block and named it ‘The Dental Holiday’ that presents dental items and products in a very modern chic way. My NFT’s are going to be the usual dental products such as toothbrushes, dental chairs, dentures etc. But each and every design of these will have a twist of art in them and represented differently to represent visual arts.

It’s the whole mood and temper of a holiday, it gives more of a summer-like vibe inspired by the Bahamas and Hawaii. Imprints of the sun, palm trees, umbrellas, colours, and a blue ocean on dental chairs. Tribal tattoos on dentures, and colourful patterns on toothbrushes presenting the dental collection of this summer.

The goal is joining the public, patients, dentists, and dental students in one community that will provide them all with relevant utilities and benefits. As for the dental practice this technology will be able to authenticate dental procedures performed or the products that are being utilised.

In the near future every person must be saving an NFT authenticating in it the type of treatment provided and the quality of it. They will also have warranties included.

Patients can also be entertained with exclusive offers on dental treatments or products that we usually see on a daily basis but with a twist of art.

My aim was also to create a network that will open doors for the new generation of dentists, where the owners of those NFTs will have exclusive access to conferences, dental courses, that are carried out by the top speakers from all around the world, as well as, an access to one-on-one interviews, conversation, and sessions with dental mentors and specialists.

It's a bridge between the business and dental industries as well. It links several dental leading companies and representatives of institutions or suppliers with the buyer to establish a connection whether it's between dental business owners and suppliers, or companies that sell dental daily used products and customers, or even dental companies and students.

I believe that the more people get involved in NFTs the more it will expand and invade many industries. Therefore, it will benefit each and everyone's business and careers. It is an unlimited space for creation and creativity, find your spot in it today, as the future will only be seen through digital graphics.

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