Tablon invites B2B business to network and scale up


From left to right: Iqra Khan – Events Partner Tablon, Varis Sayed – CEO Fincasa Capitals,  Farooq C – CEO Tablon, and Deputy Marshal Wieslow Byczkowski.
From left to right: Iqra Khan – Events Partner Tablon, Varis Sayed – CEO Fincasa Capitals, Farooq C – CEO Tablon, and Deputy Marshal Wieslow Byczkowski.

Published: Thu 3 Mar 2022, 9:00 AM

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world, accounting for 36 per cent of the total FDI inflow to Arab countries in 2018. It is the fifth-largest Arab economy with a GDP of $421 billion in 2020. These numbers attract many businesses, investors and governments to the UAE. And this is where Tablon, a relatively recent B2B platform, plays a vital role in connecting businesses through physical networking. On March 9, Tablon is holding a private B2B networking event with Polish delegates from Dział Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości. It is the entrepreneurship development department from Pomeranian Voivodeship. Five government officials and 40 companies from Poland are invited, along with more than 100 business owners, government officials and investors from the UAE.

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Deputy marshal Wieslaw Byczkowski who has been a member of the board of the Pomeranian Voivodeship since 2006 will head the delegates. The event will include discussions on business growth, collaborations and investment opportunities in tech, tourism, fashion, construction, yacht business, and engineering design.

Back in May 2021, when Tablon started its operations, it connected a handful of startups and micro-businesses. It has grown rapidly from there. Recently, Tablon had shaken hands with Fincasa Capital, which has strong deep-rooted connections with other countries, especially in the Caribbean and Africa. Both ventures are working together to connect with governments, investors and bigger businesses for growth.

“Tablon is a leading B2B network and doing remarkable work. We aim to connect entrepreneurs and business owners to grow on a bigger scale,” said Varis Sayed, CEO of Fincasa Capital. In another discussion with Farooq C, the CEO of Tablon, he quoted his business talk with the representative from Poland in which the latter said: “Poland is seeking to build strong ties with three countries and the UAE is one of them besides the US and China.”

“These kinds of gestures are proof of the incredible efforts made by the UAE Government. And we are passionate about building the right connections here,” said Farooq C. “We see Dubai, as the world’s pivot. If you own a business anywhere in the world, it will be profitable for you to build your centre in the UAE. We are here for you,” he further added.

Tablon was founded to help B2B startups to grow their business within Dubai. The simple goal was to connect buyers, sellers and partners in the B2B space. The platform has invited companies, investors and governments from other countries and continents to visit Dubai and grow by building strong connections. “If you are looking to grow business, the fastest way is to build the right connections,” said Iqra Khan, partner at Tablon B2B Network.

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