Predicting market volatility using tone of voice with Helios Life Enterprises

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Published: Fri 17 Feb 2023, 4:52 PM

Last updated: Mon 3 Apr 2023, 2:56 PM

The financial technology industry is rapidly changing due to the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). According to a 2019 Accenture report, using AI in the financial sector could result in up to $1 trillion in cost reductions globally by 2023. In addition, the report found that AI-driven fintech solutions could increase the industry's revenue by up to $300 billion over the same period.

By Adrian John Ignacio

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Predicting Market Volatility

The financial technology industry is rapidly evolving, and AI is a major driving force behind the changes. AI has the potential to revolutionise the way people do business by automating processes and providing unprecedented insights into customer behaviour.

AI is also transforming the way financial institutions assess risk. Its algorithms can analyse large amounts of data and identify patterns and correlations that can improve investment decisions. AI is also used to automate tedious and complex tasks like portfolio management.

One of the latest benefits of AI is its ability to predict market volatility using the tone of voice. Helios Life Enterprises is pioneering this field, leveraging its innovative voice tone technology to detect subtle changes in voice patterns that can indicate a shift in the market.

To do this, Helios Life Enterprises uses a proprietary algorithm to analyse the tone of voice of a company's public conversations. The algorithm looks for market volatility indicators, such as rising or falling sentiment, positive or negative outlooks, and general market sentiment.

Gaining The Attention Worldwide

Helios Life Enterprises has been featured in a recent article in Nasdaq for its ability to predict market volatility using tone of voice. The article highlighted the Helios Voice Summation Index (VSI), a volatility index that measures the market's belief based on the voice of executives at corporate events like earning calls.

Helios' proprietary algorithm generates a daily index value representing a forecast of the forward 30-day annualised volatility. Financial data provider Volos analysed the Helios VSI and derived an options-based signal that can be utilised as an operational parameter within Volos' Strategy Engine, a highly flexible no-code options backtesting engine.

Furthermore, following their comprehend: Elite release, many finance professionals have chosen Helios Life Entreprises' Voice Tone Intelligence, resulting in significant success in 2022.

Dr Gerwin Schalk, co-founder and chief scientific officer at Helios, said: "Helios is built on the foundation that we need to understand speakers through all aspects of communication – not just their words but also their tone of voice. We are bringing this to life in the financial markets through our comprehend product suite for investors."

Winning The Market

Helios Life Enterprises utilises its one-of-a-kind algorithm to give investment firms and investors a competitive edge. Its technology can analyse various factors, such as the tone, speed, and pitch of a speaker's voice. This data can then be used to develop a predictive model that can accurately identify market volatility.

Helios' voice tone technology is a game-changer in the financial markets, and its ability to predict volatility using tone of voice is a breakthrough. It has the potential to revolutionise the way investors make decisions, and several media outlets have already featured the company's success in making this ground-breaking technology available to all.

— Adrian John Ignacio is the head writer at Review Rumbler.

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