HUR adapts exercise solutions in response to pandemic


Published: Thu 24 Mar 2022, 12:26 PM

An innovative solution developed by exercise technology firm, HUR, is delivering a safer environment for rehabilitation and strength training among vulnerable patients. The antibacterial/antiviral equipment, which has been deployed in medical facilities in the region and across the world, combines specially developed upholstery and smart technology to minimise the risk of infection while exercising.

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The equipment was developed in response to the ongoing need to reduce the potential for viral exposure and transmission during the Covid-19 pandemic. The innovation supports one of the key themes under discussion at this week’s UAE International Conference on antimicrobial resistance, ‘Infection Prevention and Control in the COVID-19 Era’. It also addresses the findings of recent research, which suggests that resistance training is an important component in the rehabilitation of Covid-19 survivors.

The multifocal solution features upholstery, coating, screens and handgrips equipped with material that kills viruses and bacteria and offers further protection with personalised training gloves that contain a built-in RFID chip. The equipment also incorporates the HUR smart touch system, minimising the number of touchpoints through an ID bracelet that retrieves an individual’s settings and training program. A tracking feature has also been added to track the contacts of any infected persons.

Speaking about the importance of the solution, Timo Toivonen, sales director, CEE and MENA, said: “Strength training is a significant part of the rehabilitation process and must be maintained throughout recovery. Naturally, we had to re-think our equipment to adapt to the pandemic, and the combination of technologies we have now developed provides the safest exercise environment possible.”

Explaining more about the value of strength training and the specialised equipment it requires, Toivonen continued: “The scientific evidence suggests that strength training also plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the immune system. It is important in the prevention as well as rehabilitation of disease. However, traditional gym equipment is not always the right solution, especially for the elderly. The lowest starting loads of conventional weight stacks are often too high, and the equipment can be bulky, noisy and complicated to use.

“With HUR equipment, even weaker patients can access a program with no prior knowledge, and with a silent pneumatical system, it provides an all-around more positive exercising experience. As strength training is increasingly recognised to boost the immune system and promote good health into old age, we anticipate seeing more widespread use of this kind of equipment in the future.”

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