Genexo — A protocol on blockchain to promote real life asset in web 3.0

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Published: Wed 13 Jul 2022, 5:07 PM

Last updated: Wed 13 Jul 2022, 5:09 PM

Looking into the current state of the digitised and decentralised financial market scenario, lots of applications and businesses are playing their part in implementing these revolutionary concepts and financial instruments for a more efficient financial market. Among such businesses, there are businesses which incorporate the rich and established value of their commodity money in the form of diamonds and precious stones while also combining Defi applications with a vision of accommodating itself in the grand scheme of this financial revolution. This is where Genexo comes into the picture, led by young entrepreneurs Meet Godhani, Pratik Bodra and Parth Parsana .

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Introducing Genexo is a layer three protocol on the blockchain, which is here to serve and promote the diamond and precious stone industry by incorporating it as NFTs in the DEFI platform. The platform allows the users to stake the Genexo NFTs. Genexo will offer an exclusive collection of NFTs, which will be categorised into different groups where each group facilitates their unique benefits. The NFT holders will be eligible to access the Genexo ecosystem. Genexo comes with the promise to deliver real assets and lead Web3.0 incorporated diamond and jewellery industry, where the users can receive real diamonds and rewards in the genexo native token.

The key functionalities of Genexo are designed to bring in hand accessibility into the world of diamond NFTs while acquiring the benefits of value in real assets. Genexo will provide its users with an ecosystem where the users can earn rewards by holding Genexo tokens similarly to the NFTs offered by Genexo has its own systematised design of pool with different levels and benefits which the user can choose as per their convenience. Staking opportunities in genexo coin and NFTs are efficiently designed to bring safer and better value as well as experience to the user. Genexo token distribution plan will be announced soon, followed by its listing on decentralised and centralised exchanges. Genexo token economy will address all the qualities of a crypto token that will benefit to its investors.

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