Fay Ezzat: Integrating metaverse and fashion

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Published: Fri 28 Oct 2022, 11:29 AM

The fashion space has seen one of the most prominent outbursts in terms of growth. The space is slowly evolving into a bigger stretch by the day with technological integrations making it better than ever before. The metaverse was a vague concept when it was first introduced. From there, it has slowly emerged into a potential used by many, and entrepreneur Fay Ezzat is on her way to leveraging that potential to its best.

By Ammar Tarique

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So, who is Fay Ezzat?

Ezzat is one of the best fashion influencers in the UAE. She started her quest with fashion from a very young age and was very particular about making it a career. Ezzat's unique touch of simple eloquence with her fashion is something that makes her special. All her fashion collections hint at a lining of classy, androgynous, and comfort helping her audience resonate more with her fashion sense. The fashion ideologies that Fay has helps people understand it better because it is simple, easy to implement, and is something that doesn’t make them spend in the name of fashion.

Entrepreneurial ventures:

With many successful events, shoots, and a thriving social media community that adores her work, Ezzat wanted to take things to the next level. This led her to start her own thrifting business, Fay's Closet. She took the business to great heights with her acumen for fashion and business and soon, Fay's closet became a hit with many people purchasing off the website at an affordable price tag.

The next big thing:

Building an online community, a business that is leading the market did not stop Fay. She wanted to do bigger and better. That is one of the major reasons why Ezzat is planning on shifting her complete fashion collection to the metaverse under the brand line 'EZZAT'.


Ezzat is all about building a fashion brand in the metaverse which will help people experience fashion like never before. Shifting fashion into the metaverse is a daunting task and can become a nightmare if not properly done. She is very particular about making 'EZZAT' a success and she has got none other than Ben Todar to help her get it done.

Ben Todar:

Todar is the CEO of Moon Nation Game, a space-based role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain. Ben has been providentially seen in helping many businesses leverage the blockchain and the metaverse. He has successfully up-hauled the trajectory of many businesses with integrations into the metaverse and he intends to do the same with 'EZZAT' and her fashion collections.

Integrating business models/products into the metaverse is a skilled job and if there is anyone who could do it without compromising on the scalability, Todar's the man for the job.

Future plans:

The complete migration to the metaverse is a move that Ezzat has been planning for a long time. She said: "I am aware of the fact that the metaverse is a potential that is yet to unfold, and with so many VR integrations already available on the metaverse, it would just open up new paths for anyone who is trying to leverage their fashion game."

Once the move to the metaverse is complete, she plans to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into her limited collection of pieces that will be available on the metaverse. This will help her customers not only experience her unique fashion collection on the metaverse but at the same time, they will receive a unique NFT that comes along with the purchase of that product.

"Fashion is all about confidence, and if one can channel that, sky is the limit. With my move into the metaverse and my NFT integration in it, I believe that I would be able to take my fashion that instills confidence in the one who wears it to greater heights with a more personalised and special customer experience," Ezzat concluded.

The budding entrepreneur also mentions that she is aware that this is a path that is not reckoned by many but with Todar to help her out with the implementation and dynamism, she believes that she will be able to fast-track her fashion label to incredible heights.

Ammar Tarique is the content strategist at Teamology Softech and Media Private Limited.

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