Experts at DreadFullHippie shed light to help women embrace confidence


Published: Fri 24 Jun 2022, 1:44 PM

When people help one another become a better version of themselves, the world becomes a better place. From lending a hand to your neighbour to standing up for your collective rights, change lies at the meeting point of care and action. And it’s exactly where Ellie McGee, the founder of DreadFullHippie found it. For the last six years, this company has been focusing on its mission to help women embrace confidence. Let’s find out how they do what they do.

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It's easy to take things for granted. But ask someone who has to travel many kilometres every day to fetch clean drinking water and you’ll find it difficult to treat water carelessly or thoughtlessly again. For McGee, it was the same. Except, it was a thinning scalp that bothered her young self. Recounting her experiences, the young entrepreneur says, “My teenage years were less sparky than some of my friends. This youthful time that comes once in everybody’s life had left me feeling weak and disempowered due to my brittle and lifeless hair. It seemed as though everybody around me walked with an air of heightened confidence because they had a head full of hair. Of course, that was my insecurity talking. That’s when I decided to spend my last bucks on getting braid-in synthetic dreadlock extensions. And I can’t describe the change I felt in my attitude. I felt like the person I wanted to be. I didn’t want to keep this experience limited to myself because I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt low self-esteem due to my hair. So, I decided to open an online store once my braid-in extensions had generated interest among my friends and since then we have helped many women feel confident and self-assured once again.”

DreadFullHippie’s mission is wholesome. And we wish them good luck with it.

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