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The unique platform offers a wide range of crypto mining services across the UAE to fulfill all requirements

Published: Wed 20 Apr 2022, 4:13 PM

Last updated: Wed 20 Apr 2022, 4:48 PM

With the increasing popularity of bitcoin, everyone is excited with the profitability of extracting this digital currency. This has given rise to the bitcoin mining industry, which continues to get bigger day by day. However, crypto mining is a process of validating transactions in blockchain, and it is not that easy to do it on your own. In fact, special devices called ASICs are required.

The good news for crypto miners in the UAE and the GCC region is that now there is a platform that takes away all the difficulty of mining. CryptoMiners is a known and experienced trader which sells, repairs and provides mining devices and maintenance services. Having been certified by known crypto mining brands, they provide the best market experience for the customers.

If you have been looking to start mining cryptocurrencies but don’t have the space for keeping crypto mining equipment in your home, then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Similarly, if the noise is the reason you can’t keep mining rigs in your home, CryptoMiners has just the right solution for you. With flexible hosting plans for you to buy ASIC miners or GPU miners locally or internationally at their world-class mining facilities, you can start mining cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, their globally competitive rates make sure that you get the highest return on your investment.

When choosing to decide which mining device is best suited for your needs, it is essential to keep in mind your budget. You should also be clear on the rate of investment that you are looking for. And finally, you should be clear on the location for the device installation. In all these aspects, CryptoMiners provide the most assured and best devices. First of all, starting from installation of devices, CryptoMiners can enable you to start crypto mining from the comfort of your home. They are competent in installing ASICs, GPUs and Network miners at your assigned spaces anywhere in the world. They are specialised in small, medium and large scale crypto mining facility set-ups and installation of ASIC miners.

The platform provides one year warranty for all of their devices. They also manage warranties on behalf of their clients free of charge. Operational issues post warranty period, will be managed by their certified ASIC miners’ in-house experts so you can keep making money from crypto mining seamlessly. Finally, they also provide check-up and maintenance services through routine maintenance check-ups every two months for all of their clients.

After the successful start to the journey in Bahrain and after winning an exception award at CryptoExpo 2021, the company plans to extend into the GCC region with Dubai as its regional head office for all operations

The company also plans to soon offer NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) minting services to the clients who are looking for a reliable platform within their easy reach. An NFT is minted or created from a digital object which represents tangible as well as intangible items like collectibles, GIFs, art, video game skins, avatars, music, and more.

Buying with CryptoMiners is easy. All you need is to order from their official website or directly while visiting the official store in Dubai. Having almost 90 per cent of the known brand of crypto market in store, it is recommended to purchase at CryptoMiners’ store as an expert team is always there to assist the clients at any step of purchase. They guide about different devices and investment estimates based on the clients’ potential. With continuous R&D in this unique field, CryptoMiners is able to be consistently accurate on the scenarios of investments that are provided to the customers. They further define different real scenarios based on current factors which makes the clients knowledgeable, clear their doubts and help them make quick decisions confidently.

The need of a certified repair centre in the region is fulfilled by CryptoMiners itself. Clients having operational errors and damaged parts of devices can be examined and repaired in-house. All the repairs are under guarantee for a limited period, and can be extendable. Miner hosting services are an additional feather in the cap for the company as they look to help customers with their investments.

Suel Givá, corporate operations manager, said: "Some of the customers do not have enough space or conditions to run their devices at home. At the moment we are working with new facilities located in the Serbia region and Dubai’s hosting facility is also under construction."

The company is also working to develop crypto related projects, with its media and technology team all around the world to develop their projects individually or as joint ventures.

Nasser El Agha, CEO, CryptoMiners, said: "Any investor is welcome to participate in the projects to which we are linked, being able to be present in the most recent and updated events related to crypto."

As the first marketplace with a showroom to be implemented in the GCC, CryptoMiners have their name etched in the history.

Address — Store 2, Al Nisf Building, Airport Road, Dubai UAE

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