Mona Kattan reveals her insta-beauty secrets

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Mona Kattan reveals her insta-beauty secrets
Global Beauty Influencer Mona Kattan

Published: Sun 12 Jun 2016, 5:16 PM

Last updated: Tue 14 Jun 2016, 9:55 AM

Dubai is known for many things. The biggest, the most, the tallest . . . the list is endless. However, slowly but surely our city is garnering fame for its people as well. Bloggers, influencers and vloggers, these media savvy entrepreneurs are making a name for themselves in the region and projecting their talents globally. Another thing Dubai is known for is its fascination, obsession and love for fashion and beauty. Combine these two worlds and what do you get? Our very own Mona Kattan.
Mona and her sister Huda have been dominating the beauty scene in Dubai with tutorials, advice and everything beauty-related. Dubai girls are obsessed with the pair and its not hard to see why. With over 1.4 million followers on instagram Mona has made a name for herself as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Huda Beauty, The Dollhouse and as a Global Beauty Influencer.
"My life revolves around beauty so on a day to day basis I'm researching beauty trends and new products," Mona told us, "with how fast things move now-a-days it's so important to stay up to date. I like staying very involved. The businesses are in their growth stage and I feel that it's really important to give them as much attention as possible."
Feminine, chic, with an incredibly friendly and positive outlook on life, Mona was happy to talk to City Times about her life and beauty mottos.

By Maán Jalal

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Fashion Empowering Women
I think that anything that makes a person feel better about themselves is empowering. Confidence is everything and with it you will feel more secure to follow your dreams, make the most out of your life and without it you will always second-guess yourself. If I can help someone feel better about themselves then I'm happy. That's what gives me fulfillment!

Fashion Mistakes
In fashion, I think the biggest mistake so many people make is wearing the wrong size. Whether it's too loose or too tight, it completely ruins the look even if you have a GORG gown or perfectly coordinated ensemble.
In beauty I think the most common mistake is wearing the wrong shade foundation and eyebrow makeup. These both are huge beauty no-no's as the shade must be perfectly matched, otherwise you will look extremely sloppy no matter how nice the rest of your makeup is.

Universal Make Up
I think social media has really made beauty all over the world a lot more advanced. Before, when I used to visit the States, I would really feel a huge difference with how much makeup Arab girls wear here in Dubai and in the Middle East but I think Westerners are starting to love makeup as well. I think because Arabic features are so strong we're able to get a way with wearing more makeup.

Importance of Social Media
Social media is extremely important to my business as well as majority of businesses for that matter. I've always had a genuine interest and enjoyment in social media. I started to realise the material benefit of it when I first opened The Dollhouse.

The Dubai Scene
I love the fashion and beauty scene in Dubai. I find it extremely inspiring. People in Dubai take really great care of themselves and they're not afraid to push boundaries.

Ramadan Tips
It's so important to stay as hydrated as possible once you break your fast! Try your best to have coconut water and stay far away from salt and sugar. Stay moisturised too! Make sure you apply hydrating serums and eye creams. During Ramadan I like to tone down my makeup and kind of give my face a break.

Kim K recently said that she's "over" contouring. Thoughts?
I don't think contouring will become outdated. I think the addition of what my sister Huda calls "Non-touring" where you basically use highlighting to bring out the parts of your face. It's kind of the opposite of contouring. I still think contouring is here to stay though.

Influences and Inspirations
I've always strongly admired Tony Robbins; he's my role model. I've been listening to his audio books since I was 15. I've learnt so much from him. We might be in completely different industries but I love his passion and enthusiasm. He's been through a lot but it's made him stronger and wiser. He's great!

Mona recommends reading:
I started re-reading Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. I've read this book numerous times. I highly recommend it!

New Projects
We are definitely planning on expanding The Dollhouse. We have a few things in the works. With Huda Beauty we have a lot of plans, we're launching a few new products and expanding into a few new markets. It's all very exciting!
Mona's three rules when it comes to business
1) Treat everyone as a partner. Your employees, your customers and your suppliers.
2) Always have everything on paper. Agreements, plans, goals, everything!
3) Never work with people who don't share your standards. It will only frustrate you or drag you back! You can find great partners, you just have to keep looking for them. Never settle!
Advice to Young Bloggers
My first advice would be to make sure you're getting into the business for the right reasons and this applies to whatever industry you are getting into whether it's beauty, fashion, finance, engineering - whatever. When you heart is into something then you will always move forward. I see a lot of people who try to get into beauty because they think it seems glamorous and easy but just like everything else, it's definitely not easy. It's a job that never ends with absolutely no days off. Find out what your niche is and become an expert in that. Never lose your passion.

Mona Fun Facts:

Tea or Coffee?
Espresso - Triple shot! I start every single day with it!
Most Treasured possession
My family photo albums, my mother used to take so many pictures of us growing up.
Biggest Indulgence
I always indulge in perfume. I love scents, it's something I can't get enough of whether it's bukhoor, dhan oud, candles or perfume. I love smelling nice things. It makes me happy.
Your Best Virtue
I'm so grateful for my patience. I've always been a calm person. I think that's the only way I've managed to keep going after all the hiccups we constantly face. Deep breaths!
Essential Fashion item
Oversized sunglasses! Perfect for when you're on the go and don't have time to do your makeup but you still want to look glam!

What is something every girl should have in her closet?
I think every woman should own a gorgeous black dress that fits her perfectly. One that could be dressed up or dressed down. They're very essential!
People would be surprised to know . . .
That I always wanted to be a teacher growing up. My father was a professor for over 40 years and people would always come up to me saying that he inspired them and positively impacted them in so many ways. I think society needs to start appreciating teachers more. They're raising our future.

I actually love reading. If I could take a year off work I would probably live on a tropical island and just read and tan all day. I have so many books I've been wanting to get to!

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