Life coaching at Dubai Shopping Festival

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Life coaching at Dubai Shopping Festival
Moustafa Hamwi

Moustafa Hamwi is all about helping people on their life's journey of discovery

By Suchitra Steven Samuel

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Published: Fri 29 Jan 2016, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 31 Jan 2016, 8:49 AM

MOUSTAFA HAMWI, INTERNATIONAL Speaker and Entrepreneur Coach, has a purpose in life - building a network of "Passionpreneurs" (entrepreneurs with passion and purpose). He was inspiring people at the DSF Market OTB to pursue their passion.
"The DSF Market OTB is a perfect platform for passionate people in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle business. They have been attracting a passionate audience. And wherever there is passion, or the need for it, you will find me," Moustafa says.
"Today we are going to officially launch Passion Sundays at the DSF Market OTB closing. This is a free to all series of online videos that will help people live their life with passion. It's full of tools, tips, techniques and exclusive interviews with international thought leaders. All interviews are about how to pursue passion in life," he adds.
But this was not how it all began. After graduating Moustafa started his career as a telesales operator and then worked his way to multinational agencies where he was handling the regional PR for Nokia.
"In those times I was throwing my own parties because I couldn't find a good party spot in town. Soon I had a birthday party that attracted over 650 people. So I quit my job and opened an event agency!" he recalls his journey to find his true calling.
"Although I was very successful in my business, I was not feeling fulfilled, something was missing," he adds.
Then in 2012 he woke up and got a gut feeling to buy a one-way ticket to India! The two highlights of his Indian journey were meeting a Swami living in caves for 13 years and one of the questions he asked him was, "What are you thirsty for? Until you know what you are thirsty for, you cannot quench your thirst."
Moustafa wasn't sure how to answer at that time.
Along that journey he found out about a medical condition that he had which thankfully was cured by natural healing - meditation, raw vegan diet and Ayurveda. Although the condition was not serious, it was a wake up call to answer the question about what he wanted out of life and he realised he always had a drive and a passion for life and for helping people live passionately. "It's just that my previous interpretation of passion was to party and now I learnt that true passion comes from purpose," he adds. "For me that is about helping people on their journey and making a positive impact on the world!"
Elaborating on the experiences that changed him, he says, "It made me realise that our time on this planet is limited which keeps me focused on making a positive impact on the world beyond our physical days here. All of us are meant to do exactly that, thus each of us is given a unique talent and ability to enable us to serve a specific purpose. Each of us has a unique role to play in this world. So I am now focused and dedicated to serve my purpose and with this I am having the ultimate party of a lifetime! A party of passion and purpose!"
According to Moustafa, there are no shortcuts, it's not about being difficult or easy, it's about being worth it or not. "Usually what takes work is finding that seed of passion and calling which is innate in all of us. Once this is done and one takes the first step of planting and nourishing it, then it's only a matter of time past that point. Of course, there needs to be efforts put in to make things happen, then work results in fulfilment at the end and it's worth it," he says.
Elaborating on issues encountered by adults in the UAE, he says, "We all come to the UAE to have a better quality of life, however, a lot of people end up being caught in the rat-race and loose sight of their passion which then affects their health, their family and their relationships. This simply defeats the purpose of coming here in the first place. The best way to resolve this is to dedicate time to finding something that we are passionate about."
So think of if this way - "DSF Market OTB Concludes with a dose of passion". Let Passion Sundays bring passion back to your life for free. And no more workday blues!

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