UAE: New drug to cut thalassemia treatment cost by 40%

Manufactured in Switzerland, the medicine will be launched in the UAE by Pharma Solutions.


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Published: Tue 15 Feb 2022, 10:24 AM

The cost of treatment for thalassemia patients will drop by 40 per cent in the UAE with the launch of the first generic drug 'Irofin-Deferiprone'.

Thalassemia has been identified as a significant global and frequently-occurring monogenic disorder. The UAE records the highest carrier frequency worldwide close to 49 per cent of α-thalassemia trait. The high prevalence of thalassemia carriers within the UAE remains a significant health problem, given that there will be a 25 per cent risk of having a baby with thalassemia if both parents are carriers.

People with thalassemia can get too much iron in their bodies, either from the disease or from frequent blood transfusions. Too much iron can result in damage to your heart, liver and endocrine system, which includes hormone-producing glands that regulate processes throughout your body.

Deferiprone is an iron chelator indicated for the treatment of patients with transfusion iron overload due to thalassemia syndromes when current chelation therapy is inadequate. Manufactured in Switzerland, the medicine will be launched in the UAE by Pharma Solutions.

“Out of my personal experience of how crippling can be the effects of a deadly disease like cancer have on patients, made me realise that we cannot prevent certain diseases entirely but can certainly fight back,” said Khurshid Zaidi, managing director, Pharma Solutions.

“UAE has been a very competitive and growing market to work in, thanks to convenient business access and good environment. We are committed to helping the government source first generic, critical care and orphan drugs even though there are challenges across the supply chain,” added Zaidi.

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