Fifa World Cup: These Brazilian fans are now in love with Saudi Arabian football team

A Brazilian couple arrived at the Education City Stadium without match tickets to support Saudi Arabia

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By Rituraj Borkakoty in Doha

Published: Sat 26 Nov 2022, 5:34 PM

Last updated: Sat 26 Nov 2022, 5:57 PM

As thousands of Saudi Arabian fans made their way to the Education City Stadium for their team’s second World Cup match against Poland on Saturday, it was surprising to see many Brazilians in the crowd — especially on the metro.

Holding the Brazilian flags, many of them were singing as the metro on the green line reverberated with their chants.

While the Brazilians chanted in Portuguese for their team that beat Serbia in the first game, they also mocked Lionel Messi’s Argentina, the greatest footballing rival of the five-time world champions.

Here's a clip:

Soon, a group of Saudis waved at them before joining them to form a magical South American-Arabian chorus.

Ana, who has travelled to Qatar with her partner Samuel from the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, says they can never thank the Saudis enough for beating Argentina and shaking their confidence in Qatar.

“We are very happy when Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in that match because Brazilians don’t like Argentina,” Ana told this reporter.

Ana believes Brazil, which beat Serbia 2-0 in their opening match at the Lusail Iconic Stadium on Thursday night, have what it takes to go all the way in Qatar despite Neymar’s injury blow.

“I think we can win the World Cup because our team is so good this time. Yes, we are a little worried about Neymar. But I think he will be back in the team after the group stages,” she said.

“Even without Neymar, we have a good team with a lot of good players. We have good players in all departments. So I think we can win this World Cup.”


Ana says she has been pleasantly surprised to see the passion for football in the Saudi Arabian supporters.

“Coming from Brazil where football is so big, I have to say I am a little surprised. The Saudis really love football. It’s beautiful to see. Their fans are so lovely,” she said.

The Brazilian couple even arrived at the Education City Stadium for the Saudi Arabia-Poland game without match tickets.

“We are here to support Saudi Arabia because we love them so much now,” she said.

“Their fans are so lovely. Now they are second team in this World Cup for us. First is Brazil, of course.

“They beat Argentina, our biggest rival and we can never thank them enough!

“Now we are here to support them and hopefully we will get the tickets at the gate.”


Abdul, a Saudi fan, responded by revealing his admiration for the Brazilian golden generation of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos.

“In Saudi Arabia, we love Brazil. We are big fans of Ronaldo, the Brazilian Ronaldo, not this one from Portugal,” Abdul said.

“We grew up in the era of Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. That was a great Brazil team. We have been fans of Brazil since those days.”

Just after the kick off, Ana texted this reporter from inside the Education City Stadium.

Ana and Samuel at the Education City Stadium. (Supplied photo)
Ana and Samuel at the Education City Stadium. (Supplied photo)

“Yes, we did it,” she wrote in a jubilant mood to inform that they finally got the tickets for the Saudi Arabia-Poland match.

This football-mad Brazilian couple is truly in love with Saudi Arabia now.


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