Watch: Jason Momoa turns cabin crew, serves water to passengers on plane

The Aquaman star was seen handing out small aluminium bottles

By Web Desk

Published: Sat 6 Aug 2022, 12:17 PM

Next time a cabin crew hands you a bottle of water, make sure you look up to see who it is.

Popular actor Jason Momoa was seen distributing small aluminium bottles of water to passengers.

The Aquaman star surprised flyers on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from California, Los Angeles.

He started off with an announcement thanking the airline and passengers for being a part of the journey, and explained how plastic is a major polluter.

Momoa then went on to distribute the bottles from his brand Mananalu to a plane full of starstruck passengers.

During the course of the video, it is revealed that the idea of the brand occurred to him on a plane. He says that he saw an air hostess hand out plastic bottles of water and he wondered why they couldn't be aluminium ones.

Several flyers have posted their own videos of the experience online, making the event go viral.


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