Hrithik Roshan: Don’t live in excuses. Live in results

Bollywood actor delivers a lesson in how to lead an exemplary life during his recent stopover in Dubai


Ambica Sachin

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Published: Fri 20 Jan 2023, 7:08 PM

Man on mission - to live the best life possible come what may. IG profiles are often studied works of profundity, sometimes whimsically philosophical and other times teetering on the edge of a cool kind of funny. The need to encapsulate your core identity (as you see it) into a few words is a true test of artistic creativity. But Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan’s statement on the social media platform is a simple and forthright one. Much like the man behind the actor.

The first time I had met Bollywood’s version of the Greek God way back in 2013 (tag courtesy his chiselled jawline and striking looks), I remember being slightly overwhelmed by his sense of absolute self-awareness. He could have been the self-help guru to assuage one’s angst, such was the heartfelt passion with which he then spoke about overcoming pain and turmoil to act in Bollywood superhero flick Krrish. “Whenever we go through despair we all focus on what is wrong,” I recollect him telling me then. “But instead if we just focus on changing our environment and ourselves and build that strength again we will be able to change. The power lies within all of us. Since then and right up to the brain surgery I had recently, I have tried to live up to these values. I am an aspiring superhero myself.”


A hero turned superhero who believes in matching his talk with his action, Hrithik has over the years complemented the intensity of his reel roles with the sheer audacity with which he leads his personal life. From a double slipped disc to brain surgery to recent murmurs about his health, the 49-year old actor has gone through a slew of medical issues, but when you look at him, you can never guess the pain behind the perfect physique. In a recent chat he had even opened up about the toll all the physical training for movies like War had taken on his mind. But none of that is in evidence when faced with the extremely dapper actor clad in a form fitting pastel suit as he walked in to The Rivoli R Lounge at The H Hotel, ironically a few hours behind schedule as the brand ambassador of precision bound Swiss luxury watch maker Rado. But as he tells us over the course of a hurried chat in the midst of a throbbing crowd, his dad (former Bollywood actor-turned-director Rakesh Roshan) had already warned him that one can never be on time — he can either be before time or after. A message he seems to have taken to heart!

At the beginning of the year, when he posted an image of his drool-worthy six-pack abs on Insta, from any other actor it would have come off as bragging. But since the muscle-clad, iron pumping bod has already grabbed enough eyeballs over the years, from his jaw-dropping debut in 2000’s romantic action thriller Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai to India’s answer to the superhero franchise Krrish, and the slick Dhoom to name a few of his adrenaline-driven movies, there is no doubt here is a man who walks the talk. Currently in deep prep mode for Siddharth Anand’s Fighter, touted as India’s first aerial action thriller, starring him opposite the gorgeous Deepika Padukone, the Bollywood actor believes in exploring new roles and shades as evidenced in his last big film outing Vikram Vedha. But we were more curious to learn about the man behind the actor and the brand. So here are five things we learnt from our interaction with the superstar.

‘People get fooled by legacy’

Hailing from the illustrious Roshan family; his grandfather was an Indian music director and his father an actor who later turned producer and director, Hrithik has from his debut movie Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai created a buzz with his adroit dancing prowess underscored by the sheer intensity he brings onscreen. The actor has served as a role model for his legions of fans, whether it is by overcoming his stammering at an early age or pushing his body to the edge to showcase some truly spectacular action sequences. But for someone who continues to inspire and wow fans, Hrithik is averse to talking about the legacy he hopes to leave behind. “I hope to live a good life,” he tells us. “People get fooled by legacy, if you ask me. They get so embroiled in trying to leave behind a legacy that they forget to live life. Your time is now. You have to make the most of it. Live your life. Be happy. Don’t worry about the legacy.”

‘True success is how you manage your time’

For a much-in-demand actor, not to forget, the face behind some super successful brands, Hrithik is deeply philosophical about the concept of success. As an actor he has entertained and inspired many and as a brand ambassador he has no doubt brought in a lot of value, but where does Hrithik the actor and Hrithik the brand ambassador merge? “Well, true success is really how you manage your time,” he responds. “So that’s actually where the work needs to be put. That’s where you should focus,” he tells us with a shrug. “You should be able to do all the things you want to do in your life. If you are doing all the things you want to do in your life, you are a successful man. So it’s really about time management.”

‘You only have one life. Don’t live in excuses’

It’s easy enough to find excuses, not to do the things we want to, or to not find time for the truly important aspects of our life. But are we doing justice to ourselves by giving excuses for not doing what really matter to us? But that’s something that doesn’t sit well with Hrithik who known to spend a lot of time with his family, especially his sons Hridaan and Hrehaan. “Well, you have one life. Don’t live in excuses. Live in results. So, you know, whatever it takes; one life, you have one chance, one choice, so make the right choice. That’s it. Either to do or not to do what you choose. Get up and do it no matter what it takes.” A call to action unlike any other high brow motivational pep talk we have heard this year!

‘Be aware’

As an actor Hrithik boasts a number of accomplishments that make him stand out from the crowd. But what’s that one quality he possesses which he values above everything else? And we have to admit we are a bit taken aback when he says; “My awareness, I guess.” Awareness of what, we quiz him. “Awareness of my motivations. Awareness of what drives me. (Awareness of) My ego, I’m aware of my faults and I’m aware of my shortcomings, I’m aware of my strengths. And it’s an everyday practice, of course.” The discipline he brings to the table is of course there for everyone to see and that along with his aspiration to do things that have not been done before and his refusal to compromise makes him one of a kind.

‘I’m a student of life’

Based on his Instagram profile, we are curious to learn, what is that one thing that Hrithik Roshan does every morning to ensure that the day goes well? “I meditate. Yeah, as boring as that sounds, I do. Most days — not every single day maybe..” And how does it help him, we are curious to know. “We could sit here for half an hour (he laughs), and I can take you through what it does. But basically it centers you.” Maybe it is this centering that helps him recoup from the strain of acting in intense movies, and keeps him sane in the midst of a tough shoot or even what calms him in his personal life. “I am just concerned with my next step as an actor, as a human being,” he continues. And all he is focussed on on a daily basis is “to do good, to be kind, compassionate and keep growing as a student. I’m a student of life.” The growth mentality and his passion and “commitment to excellence” is reflected in the wide range of roles he has taken on — from romantic hero, to action star and real life roles all of which have one thing in common — an absolute immersion of Hrithik the actor into the character, whether it be Jodhaa Akbar, Super 30, or his last reel outing Vikram Vedha.

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