New ethical charter elevates UAE education, say school heads

Principals, teachers are now discussing the Ministry of Education's 10-point Code of Conduct

Back to school, Dubai school, Teachers, jobs
Back to school, Dubai school, Teachers, jobs

Nandini Sircar

Published: Mon 5 Sep 2022, 3:35 PM

Last updated: Mon 5 Sep 2022, 8:25 PM

For teachers and school heads in the UAE, the Ministry of Education's new 10-point Code of Conduct is more than an explanatory framework — but a guide to shaping a morally upright generation.

As educators, they hailed how the UAE is working towards elevating education by helping teachers become good role models for the youth.

Lisa Johnson, principal of the American Academy for Girls, Dubai, said: “The review of the Code of Conduct by all staff members at the onset of the school year was an additional opportunity to enhance cultural awareness and understanding of our host country’s values.”

The Code of Conduct, principals say, can help them mould students' values and character in line with the vision of the UAE. It clearly defines acceptable and unacceptable behaviours within the school community.

Rob Commons, principal of Uptown International School, Dubai, said: ”The clear focus on trust, honesty, equality, compassion, tolerance, and respect will support schools in moulding future citizens who are ready to make a meaningful contribution to their societies, both here in the UAE and around the world. It reaffirms the commitment teachers have made to ensuring that children always feel safe and secure, and that they are treated equally, irrespective of their individual differences."

These morals are the same values that both universities and employers look for, the principals added.


Karim Murcia, principal of GEMS Al Barsha National School, said the charter can "help build a future centred around the wellbeing of all learners and concepts such as diversity and tolerance".

“This important development is in line with our school priorities where the experience of all students is at the heart of everything we do. This year, this includes developing our initiatives such as our School Student Leadership Framework and the introduction of Wellbeing and Antibullying Champions,” added Murcia.

School communities have already started discussing the charter as a team.

Deepika Thapar Singh, CEO-principal of Credence High School, said: “The code of conduct is very comprehensive and has covered all aspects of general education. It was read by all staff members and was discussed by the school leaders, stating their importance.”

The 10-point code of conduct is intended to act as a “roadmap for every teacher, leader, administrator and worker” in the UAE.

"It is important to understand the values and culture of the UAE and the staff must always ensure that these values are upheld across our school," said Naveed Iqbal, principal of GEMS Metropole School – Motor City.

"Students must be protected and kept safe mentally, physically, and emotionally, and it is the responsibility of our teachers and staff, this code reminds us of that responsibility.”


Leigh Girven, principal of Greenfield International School, Dubai, believes that for students to become true global citizens, "they need to have a deep understanding of their own culture and identity as well as that of their host/home country".

"It is fantastic to see that students throughout the UAE will be encouraged to celebrate and promote UAE values and to demonstrate ‘student agency’ by taking responsibility for issues in their wider communities," Girven said.

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