UAE: Man acquitted of sexually assaulting ex-wife

Forensic report showed several bruises on the lady due to violence


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Photo: File
Photo: File

Published: Tue 16 Nov 2021, 9:41 AM

Last updated: Tue 16 Nov 2021, 10:41 AM

The Ras Al Khaimah Criminal Court has acquitted an Arab man accused of sexually assaulting his ex-wife.

According to the interrogation report at the Public Prosecution, the defendant was accused of hitting his ex-wife, tying her up with an electrical wire until she fainted, and subsequently sexually assaulting her.

During the virtual court session, the accused denied the accusation. The Asian plaintiff demanded the accused pay Dh50,100 as compensation for the material and moral damages she sustained.

The forensic doctor who conducted a medical examination on the plaintiff also testified in court.

The forensic report showed several bruises and abrasions on the lady due to an assault with a wire-like object. There were also marks of beatings with a hard object, such as a fist.

The examination also revealed the presence of a fingerprint of the accused on the wire used during the incident.


The court reviewed the surveillance cameras of the hotel where the plaintiff resided.

The camera showed that the accused entered the hotel room at 12:29am and left at 1:59am. The plaintiff said she came to her senses at 1:07am, and informed the police after cleaning herself.

The CCTV footage shows that the policeman was present to examine the incident at 1:14am, seven minutes after she gained her senses.

Due to the inconsistency of the plaintiff's timline, the court had doubts that the incident had a different picture than the narration.

The court acquitted the man due to the unexplained account of the incident.

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