Dubai: 3 jailed, fined Dh4,000 over pet sale scam

They will be deported after serving their sentence

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Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Mon 22 Aug 2022, 11:14 AM

Last updated: Mon 22 Aug 2022, 10:44 PM

Three Asian expats have been fined Dh4,000 and have been sentenced to three months in prison and deportation for defrauding a man through a website for trading goods.

The case dates back to June 2021, when one of the accused had put up a dog for sale on a website.

When the victim got in touch with him, he received several pictures and a video of the dog.

Initially, the seller demanded Dh3,000 for the dog. The buyer managed to negotiate to a price of Dh2,500 and paid the amount online.

The accused had promised to send the dog on the same day, but it did not arrive. When the buyer got in touch with him for the same, he said that he was unable to send the dog due to emergency reasons. He also asked for Dh8,000 as a refundable deposit for the shipping company to ship the dog.

The buyer declined to pay the amount saying that he had insufficient funds. The seller then asked for Dh1,500 to be sent to another account.

After paying the amount, the man realised he had been subject to fraud and informed the police.

A policeman involved in the investigations said that the team was able to identify the suspect who admitted to committing the fraud in interrogations. He said that he participated with other people and lured them into buying pets by posting advertisements on a website specialized in trading of pets and commodities.


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