UAE: Man jailed for causing fire while illegally refilling gas cylinders

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Dubai - He forged labels of a government firm to sell the refilled gas cylinders in Dubai

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By Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 2 Aug 2021, 6:18 PM

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced a man to one year in prison for illegally refilling gas cylinders and causing a fire on a farm.

According to public prosecution, the accused, along with his accomplices, also forged labels of a government gas cylinders company and endangered people’s lives. The court also ordered the man to be deported after he served his sentence.

The Asian man was arrested two years after the crime and was referred to the Public Prosecution.

The court records showed that the accused rented a farm in Al Awir area, bought 112 gas cylinders, transported them in a non-equipped vehicle, forged labels and stuck them on empty cylinders.

The culprits tried to fill the empty cylinders with gas from cylinders they bought from another emirate. However, a gas leak during the process caused an explosion and fire that destroyed the palm trees on the farm.

Two of the accused were initially arrested, then the third accused was arrested about two years after the incident. The Asian man admitted that he worked with the others in the sale of gas cylinders, and that they rented two farms in Al Awir area for this purpose, reported Emarat Al Youm.

The Public Prosecution in Dubai charged the defendants with forging and using a seal of a government entity, inadequately transporting flammable materials, handling of dangerous materials, cheating, endangering the lives of others, and causing fire in a private property.

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