Man murdered by wife, lover in Dubai love triangle case

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Man murdered by wife, lover in Dubai love triangle case

Dubai - Police investigations found that the victim from Comoros Islands was murdered by his wife and her lover.

By Amira Agarib

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Published: Sat 29 Oct 2016, 12:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 30 Oct 2016, 12:42 AM

An illicit relationship took a tragic turn, leading to the gruesome murder of a husband by his wife and her lover, the police said.

Lt.-Gen. Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, said the Dubai Police have solved the mystery behind the death of a man who was found burnt on a road in Al Qusais area on October 15.

The police identified the body as that of a 32-year-old man from Comoros Islands, who worked as a clerk, and arrested his compatriot wife and her lover.

He praised the efforts made by the CID and forensic experts in identifying the victim and the perpetrators of the crime.

Lt.-Gen. Al Mazeina said that the operations room of the police was informed by the guards of a nearby warehouse after midnight that they have found the burnt body of a man near the electric room of the warehouse. They said the fire was still on, especially on the head of the body.

The police team rushed to the site and moved the body to forensic lab.

After the police identified the victim, they called his wife, who told the police that the man went for fishing 14 days ago and was not back yet. The couple was married for three years and has two children.

However, during thorough interrogation, the 21-year-old woman confessed to having an illicit relationship with her husband’s friend for two years, which led to the murder. The lover worked as a driver with a government department, and stayed near to their house in Oud Al Muteina, she told the police.

The friend used to visit their home and gradually, they fell in love. She used to go out with him without her husband’s knowledge. And when he came to know that his wife had been going out regularly, he questioned her. She told him that she was visiting her mother.

Later, he learnt that she was going out with his friend and confronted her over the issue, which led to a quarrel. He warned her not to meet her lover again.

She was afraid of losing her lover and informed him about the dispute. Both of them decided to get rid of the husband and planned the murder, Lt.-Gen. Al Mazeina said.

Maj.-Gen. Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for criminal investigation, said that the lover admitted to his crime during interrogation.

He told the police that he received a call from the woman at night on the day before the crime. She told him about the quarrel with her husband over their relation and both decided to kill the victim.

He contacted the victim and asked him to go out with him to resolve their family dispute. The suspect tied his hands and feet and put him on the back seat of the car, after convincing the victim that he would ‘deliver’ the latter to his wife.

However, the suspect then drove to a deserted area and then hit the victim’s stomach and head with a brick, which caused severe bleeding. He returned to the victim’s house to meet his lover, leaving the unconscious victim inside the car. He told her that he hit her husband and left him unconscious in the car, and they planned to get rid of the victim.

By 8pm, he went out to buy a bottle of gasoline and drove to Al Qusais Industrial Area, with the unconscious victim still lying inside the car.

He stopped the vehicle near the warehouse and took out the victim, Maj.-Gen. Al Mansouri said, adding that during the act he realised that the victim was still alive.

The suspect then hit the head of the victim on the car several times and ran over him, to ensure that he is dead. He poured the gasoline over the body and set it on fire, Maj.-Gen. Al Mansouri said.

He fled the place, leaving it in flames and threw the bottle of the gasoline on the street. Then he told his lover about the incident and both of them agreed not to reveal anything to anybody.


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