Divorcee fleeces former husband, flees country

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Divorcee fleeces former husband, flees country

An Egyptian woman deprived her ex-husband of almost all of his Dh43,000 monthly income in a divorce settlement for more than five years, before fleeing to Europe with the pair’s two children and her new husband.

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Published: Tue 27 Nov 2012, 9:03 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:39 AM

The woman got married to her countryman and moved with him and their two children to the UAE. But the marriage dissolved, with the woman winning custody and assurance that her ex-husband would provide a home for them to live in, a housemaid, all utility bills and the fees for an expensive school the children attended, alongside other personal expenses.

The panel, commissioned by the court before which the divorced woman filed a maintenance case against her former husband, calculated the monthly alimony to be Dh38,000 a month.

This included monthly instalments of the Dh250,000 luxury car her husband had bought her before they broke up. She told the court that she needed the car to transport her two children and if she did not pay the instalments, the bank would seize the car.

The man even funded annual visits of the woman and the two children to see her parents back home, including air tickets and an allowance, as well as any bills the woman brought back. This included a bill she paid for hiring a car she used during her vacation, a holiday at a tourist resort and even swimming garments for her kids and a dress for her.

Five years later, the impoverished ex-husband discovered that his ex-wife had got married to another man, who was living with her and her children in the house the ex-husband had rented, with another child from her second husband.

The man attempted to win back custody of his children once they reached 11 and 13 years old, based on the fact that the woman had remarried and had another child, while she attempted to extend custodianship period of her two kids.

The man sensed a plot by his ex-wife to continue the custodianship of the children, so he resigned his job and returned to his homeland. Before leaving the country, the man had hired a lawyer to follow up his custody suit.

Having proved his ex-wife had remarried, the court summoned the woman to appear in court to let her choose between either taking her children back to her home country so that the children could live beside their father, or to stay in the country and send the children back to live with their father.

The woman failed to appear in court several times and the court ordered the kids be sent back to their father.

However, the woman had already fled to a European country where her second husband lived.

(This story is being published in cooperation with the Judicial Department- Abu Dhabi)


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