Preity endorses Go, but it has nothing to do with Ness

PREITY ZINTA'S decision to serve as brand ambassador for GoAir may have raised some eyebrows, but the star shrugs off any 'loose talk' that it has anything to do with boyfriend Ness...

preityWadia. Since the airline is owned by the Wadias, there's naturallysome speculation about Preity's participation in its publicity.

She replies, unfazed as ever: "First of all the airline is run by Ness' brother Jay. They asked me to be their brand ambassador. Very honestly, I did it because I truly think it's a fantastic airline with really low fares. It's an amazingly quality-conscious product and just the product I'd like to endorse."

As for the loose talk about Ness's influence in getting her the campaign, Preity shrugs, "Loose talk is best left to die a quick death. We've already shot a campaign. But seriously, I don't think they need my help. Their product is a recommendation in itself."

Preity is quite taken up with the idea of airlines opening their doors to the middleclass. "If we had such low-priced high-quality airlines when I was a child, I'd have been able to see much more of the world. Luckily, my father was in the army, so I was able to travel across the country.

"Till a few years ago, flying was for the rich and business classes. Low-fare airlines have turned the world into an oyster. Thank God for privatisation. It revolutionised the telephone sector and now it's doing the same for the airlines."

Preity has flown the airline she's endorsing from Coimbatore to Mumbai. "They've brand new aircrafts. And they're clean."

Preity is currently seen in about six ads. "I to continue to endorse Cadbury Perk... All my endorsements are purely quality-based."

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