‘I’m uncomfortable with the tag lucky’


‘I’m uncomfortable with the tag lucky’

With the terminology ‘just good friends’ gaining currency, how friendly are your associations in Bollywood? When it comes to choosing my friends, I’m very careful, which is why I keep my associations in Bollywood strictly professional. I maintain a good working relationship with most of my co-actors.

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Published: Wed 6 Aug 2008, 11:44 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:48 PM

Despite that, why is it that tinsel town is abuzz with rumours of your alleged link-up with Akshay Kumar? I wouldn’t know the origins of such rumours. We’ve delivered a number of hits together and people love our on screen chemistry.

But that doesn’t mean there’s anything off screen to it. Akshay’s one of my favourite co-actors and I love working with him. At the risk of repeating myself, there’s absolutely no truth to these rumours. I’m eagerly looking forward to my upcoming release with him.

With a string of back-toback hits, you are now being called the lucky mascot of Bollywood. How lucky do you consider yourself? I’m very uncomfortable with the tag ‘lucky’. When one dubs me as lucky, it’s not saying anything about me as a person. Rather, it’s only referring to a circumstance.

I would have been happier had someone called me talented or vivacious, rather than just plain lucky. That would have said lots about my credibility as an actor.

Who do you consider your closest competitor? Having been around for just three years, I’m still a newcomer in the industry.

Most of my contemporaries are way senior to me and have achieved a lot more than I have. I’m hardly in a position to compete with them. Having said that, I do like Kareena and the kind of films that she’s being seen in. She’s hot and has oodles of attitude.

But in spite of being a ‘newcomer’, you too have been making news for your big banner associations...

I don’t consciously choose big banners. But when I choose a film, I make sure that there’s at least one bankable factor in it — be it the banner, the director or my co-actors. I wouldn’t go ahead and do an experimental film. Certainly not at this point in my career.

So, what kind of films are you looking at right now? Anything that seems like fun.

Films that have an element of glamour with great music.

Right now, I have my hands full with Yuvraaj, Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani and Hello.

Despite being on top of the heap, you still continue to face a lot of flak for your accented Hindi...

I am perfectly aware of the criticism. But I’m working hard on it. And I think I should be able to dub my own films soon enough.

Then, you must also be aware that your personal association with Salman Khan and the birthday bash fracas is what’s making news these days...

Yes, and I’m not denying anything. But it’s a thing of the past, and best left behind. I can’t stop the media from prodding me further on it. But one should understand that we are humans too and we too have a heart. Being under constant public scrutiny isn’t easy. Being a star is tough. It has its own baggage.

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