‘I really want my marriage to be like hers’

Eva Longoria Parker says best pal Victoria Beckham is a good role model

ACTRESS EVA LONGORIA Parker, who is married to basketball player Tony Parker, insists she relies on best pal Victoria for advice. “Victoria’s a lovely woman. Both our husbands are sports stars and they both travel, and Victoria’s had some great advice for me on how to cope with that,” mirror.co.uk quoted her as saying.

“She’s a great mother, too. If you ever see her around her kids, you’ll see that everything - everything - is about them and David. She’s a good role model. I really want my marriage to be like hers,” she added.

The petite actress has been married to French basketball star for three years and reveals that she loves her married life. “I love being married to Tony,” she gushes. “He and I get through things with a lot of laughter and a lot of the same goals and values in life - and it doesn’t hurt that he’s also the cliche of tall, dark and handsome. I think I’ll keep him,” she added.

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