Akki goes over to the B camp


Akki goes over to the B camp

AKSHAY KUMAR has suddenly returned from LA a very different man. His super success has made him more confident and definitely bolder. For the first time in his life he is playing politics.

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Published: Wed 13 Aug 2008, 12:19 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:50 PM

Reliable sources in the industry are shocked that Akshay is showing his leanings towards a particular camp and taking potshots at the rival camp.

Akshay has never had a godfather in the industry.

He has come up on his own steam. He has not been in any camp either. In fact he concentrated on his career with total dedication and gave a damn about who sided with whom.

So it comes as a shock that Akshay has chosen to take a stand and is actually siding with the Bachchans and taking potshots at SRK.

It is common knowledge that there are two distinct camps in Bollywood. The so-called Bachchan camp and the SRK camp.

Says a reliable trade analyst, “Let’s be logical. The only reason why Akshay has decided to be undiplomatic is because he is very upset with SRK. He feels that the SRK camp has planted all these derogatory sms’ against him to bring him down and make him sound like a manipulator. That ‘someone’ is not able to digest his super success.

Akshay is not impulsive and hates to take sides. This is how he has been able to slowly become one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood.

“He has looked at the bigger picture in Bollywood and decided that enough is enough. His rival has been playing too many games and Akshay feels that he wants to put a stop to it. He has always admired Mr.

Bachchan and has watched how this man has survived in this industry in stoic silence but when push came to shove Amitabh decided to retaliate. Both Bachchan and he have the same rival in mind.”

Akshay strangely has taken a stand when he said, ‘Amitji is the most respected actor in our industry. I’d do anything he asks me to. I’d go out of my way to do it’. He was referring to the Unforgettable show, of course.

He went on to add, ‘I don’t know why people call themselves King, because there has only been one king in the industry in the last 30 years, and that is Amitabh Bachchan. There is no other.’ This is a direct hit at SRK who likes to be known as King Khan. Akshay with this one jibe has dethroned SRK! With the recent turn of events after Katrina’s birthday bash, Akshay who is not friendly with Salman has made every effort to attend his show Dus Ka Dum with co-star Katrina.

It is Vipul Shah who is responsible for getting Akshay and Salman together.

Vipul is close to both (Akshay is in his Singh Is Kinng and Salman in his London Dreams) and convinced Akshay and Katrina to attend this show no matter how pushed for time Akshay was.

When the fight between Salman and SRK had taken place, Akshay had told a daily, “It is unfortunate that grown up men seem to be behaving like little school girls. The sooner people realise that fighting and bitching in public is only going to harm themselves rather than the people they are trying to attack, the better our beloved industry will look.’ “Akshay is also annoyed with the Chopras of YashRaj films for giving him a raw deal in the promos of Tashan. He was upset because they were only interested in promoting Saif and Kareena. He gave it back to them when at IFFA he jumped through a Tashan poster yelling, ‘Maa meri last film Tashan flop ho gayi hai.

Ab main kya karoon?’ Aditya Chopra did not take kindly to this but Akshay did not care.

He knows that they are the SRK ‘friends’ and he is not interested in even doing another film with them.

The rivalry between Akshay and SRK can only get more colourful when Akshay’s film Chandni Chowk To China and SRK’s home production Billo Barber come up for release in the same month.


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