Which scent is you?


Which scent is you?

Your guide to choosing the right perfume

By Injeel Firoz Moti, beauty blogger

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Published: Thu 25 Jan 2018, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 26 Jan 2018, 1:00 AM

New to the world of fragrances? Don't quite know which one is best for you? If you are someone who struggles to find your scent when in the perfume aisle, then join the club. If it helps to know, you are not alone. There are literally thousands of different perfumes and colognes available in the market and it can be a gruelling task to figure out which one is for you. But fret not, there are ways you can figure it out in a matter of seconds.
Know your notes
Every perfume or cologne is made up of different notes - base, top and middle notes, all of which come together to create the perfect fragrance. Some perfumes, for example, would be considered floral and contain scent notes like rose, gardenia or geranium. Others may be a bit fruitier, with undertones of citrus or apple. Exotic perfumes contain spicy notes like star anise or even cinnamon. It would be ideal to identify which scent note you connect with most and make your purchase accordingly.
Know the concentration
Fragrances come in four different levels of concentration. As the concentration gets higher, the price usually goes up as well. Typically, colognes or perfumes with high concentration have a more powerful scent and last longer. The highest concentration is simply called perfume or parfum. This level usually will last all day with just one application being enough. The next level is eau de parfum, which typically lasts about six hours after application. The third level is called eau de toilette and is usually fairly affordable and easy to find in retail stores. It typically requires more than one application throughout the day for it to last. The fourth and lowest fragrance concentration is eau de cologne, which only lasts about two hours and requires repeated applications.
Test it out
Before you decide to purchase any fragrance, you should definitely do a few simple tests to make sure that it is something you will want to wear day in and day out and enjoy. Do a simple sniff test of the bottle first to get an idea of what it smells like. The key, however, is to try a bit of the fragrance on your skin. This is why most department and cosmetics stores offer testers to people so that they can try something before they buy it.
Our skin has its own unique code of hormones and pheromones that can slightly, or even extremely, alter the way a fragrance smells. It is a good idea to spray a small amount on your wrists, wait a few moments, and then smell the scent on your skin. Sometimes, depending on your own chemical makeup, it can enhance or diminish the smell.
Organic scents
Trending right now and a new addition to the scent family are organic scents. Made with all natural ingredients, including essential oils and vitamins, organic fragrances give you a potent burst of energy and freshness. Do give them a try. A current favourite is the Energy burst by Neom - a crisp, invigorating scent consisting of fruity notes and essential oils, which is currently available at Bloomingdale's stores.
Happy discovering!

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