Lip Care 101


Lip Care 101

Everything you need to know to protect your pout

By Injeel Firoz Moti, Beauty Blogger

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Published: Fri 4 May 2018, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 4 May 2018, 2:00 AM

From glossy to matte, a lot has been said about lip colours and lipsticks for the season. But seldom do we talk about caring for lips! Underneath the lustrous lip colours, we often tend to neglect our lips. Now if you, like me, are someone who wears a lot of matte lip colours, you will find your lips dry almost all the time and that is never a good feeling. Over time, your lips get flaky and begin to peel and you might find yourself no longer being able to apply lip colour perfectly either. Plus, lips don't produce natural oils like the rest of the face, making it even more important for you to take special care of your pout.
But fret not, there are a lot of ways how you can keep your lips silky-smooth. Here are some things to do and some to definitely avoid.
1. DO protect your lips from the elements
We make it a point to shield our face from the sun, so why should our lips be any different? Remember to moisturise and use sunscreen on your lips just as you would any other area of your skin. You can also look for lips balms containing SPF 30 or higher and accomplish both tasks with just one swipe.
2. DON'T lick your lips
An obvious one! In a pinch, when your lips are dry, you might try to solve the problem by licking them. Unfortunately, saliva only draws moisture out of your lips as it evaporates, leaving them drier than before. It would be much better to keep a chapstick or something similar with you to moisten and protect your lips.
3. DO drink plenty of fluids
It's important to stay hydrated because your mouth and lips suffer quickly from the effects of dehydration. Cracked lips are never attractive and can be quite painful. There's also a tendency to pick at the flaking bits of skin which can lead to bleeding and other damaging results.
4. DON'T use lip balms with too many extraneous ingredients
Read before you buy! Sometimes you can develop an irritation or allergic reaction to ingredients that are added to lip balms for marketing purposes. Botanicals, colouring, flavouring, fragrance - all these things can annoy sensitive skin and do more harm than good. Look for products with ingredients such as petrolatum and aloe vera. They're particularly effective at softening and protecting lips and aren't as likely to cause a reaction.
5. DO see a dermatologist if chronic chapped lips persist
Have your doctor on speed dial. Unknown to you, an underlying allergic or irritant reaction to products could be occurring. There's also the possibility of pre-cancerous sun damage that would require a different treatment altogether.
6. DON'T over moisturise
Sounds kind of contradictory, doesn't it? But some of us can be a little too addicted to our chapstick, swiping it across lips constantly. Experts say a couple of times a day is sufficient for most people. Perhaps you can link reapplication to after mealtimes, just as you would brush your teeth. If you still feel the need for a deeper moisturising session, slather some petroleum jelly on your lips before going to bed.

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