Dubai resident launches first-of-its-kind beauty tool for hijabis

Founder Nandi K Barker with her creation
Founder Nandi K Barker with her creation

Dubai - The fabric protector comes at a time of greater push for inclusivity in the industry


Karen Ann Monsy

Published: Mon 2 Nov 2020, 3:49 PM

Last updated: Mon 2 Nov 2020, 4:09 PM

Not all inventions are complicated. Some solutions are wonderfully elegant in their simplicity. Throw in inclusivity and you’ve got yourself a winner. That’s what the newest beauty tool to launch in the GCC, ModBeautyKeeper, is all about.

New York native Nandi K Barker hit upon the idea for the handmade fabric protector after watching “countless” beauty tutorials by hijab-wearing beauty influencers on social media — and seeing them all struggle with the same issue: getting base products on their head coverings while applying makeup. Speaking to WKND, the Dubai resident says, “I realised that there was an issue that no one seemed to address, almost like an elephant in the room that many were ignoring.”

Nandi began to do some market research, visiting cosmetic stores, and cutting out various shapes to form prototypes of the pioneering creation that is now promising to change every hijabi’s makeup routine. From what we can tell, ModBeautyKeeper — which was launched in the GCC earlier this year — seems to be a first-of-its-kind beauty tool worldwide too.

Manufactured in Dubai, it is a one-size fabric protector that is adhesive-enhanced (so it stays securely fastened to the hijab during application), reusable (up to 3-5 times), and versatile (being adjustable in a variety of ways to complement the wearer’s head covering style).

The launch of the beauty tool comes at an appropriate time, considering there has been a greater push in recent times for more inclusive products in the beauty industry. Commenting on the importance of this shift, Nandi explains, “No one wants to feel left out, and this is the reason that inclusivity in the beauty industry is at an all-time high. Though cosmetic brands are releasing wider shade ranges and gender neutral products, there is a lack of inclusivity when it comes to beauty tools. It's also important to make everyone feel welcomed. With this tool, modest beauty lovers no longer need to apologise about their makeup staining their hijab, and makeup artists no longer have to stuff tissues along the hijab to avoid makeup stains. The ModBeautyKeeper saves you time by keeping the hijab mess-free during makeup application.”

Going by the “inspiring and rewarding” feedback she has been receiving since the launch, the entrepreneur is currently basking in the knowledge of success — but also looking to expand the product line going forward. “My product is a practical solution and I was quite surprised to see the gap in the market for such of its kind. I have received so many emails and messages on social media with reference to the product being a genius idea, as well as from well-known influencers requesting to review the product — so, it is definitely a great feeling to know that I have made something that solves a problem within the beauty industry. Expanding is definitely the goal for any brand that launches with one product.”

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