Two charged with stealing 840 mobiles

TWO Uzbekistanis yesterday pleaded guilty before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance to stealing mobile phones from a warehouse. K.J., visitor, and S.Y., salesman, are accused, along with another person who is still at large, of stealing 840 mobiles worth Dh1.3 million from a warehouse in Jebel Ali area.

P.J., general manager of the company that owns the warehouse, said in his statement, "On December 28 last year, our staff went to the warehouse to transport some of the stored goods to a customer. When they reached the warehouse, they found the place in a mess and carton boxes of mobile phones were empty.

"They called me. When I went there, I saw two holes in the ceiling which the thieves must have made to enter the warehouse.

“The thieves had deactivated the surveillance cameras as there was no footage recorded from 12 midnight to 6am."

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