Tracking health with ease


Tracking health with ease
OMRON's EVOLV is fast, easy to use, and accurate.

OMRON's EVOLV is the next step in monitoring blood pressure

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Published: Wed 30 Oct 2019, 11:44 AM

Last updated: Sun 3 Nov 2019, 1:53 PM

BP monitoring made effortless
Everybody knows that health matters, and sometimes people find it hard to fit it into their lifestyle. For this reason, OMRON Healthcare is committed to equipping people with innovative technology that makes their daily blood pressure (BP) monitoring experience easier. Besides, research has proven that self-monitoring might contribute to a decrease in BP levels as it improves treatment compliance.
To this day, people do not measure their BP as frequently as necessary because it can be time-consuming. EVOLV is the all-in-one blood pressure monitor that alleviates the burdens of BP monitoring at every step of the measurement. It's fast, silent and accurate. EVOLV is designed to monitor your BP without interrupting your day.
In order to enable people to stay in control of their health and make appropriate decisions to live with zero compromise, OMRON presents the first interactive connection to Amazon's virtual personal assistant Alexa that is capable of comparing BP readings.
It also allows users to find out about their cardiovascular health quickly and easily by simply saying phrases like "Alexa, what was my BP average this month?". This feature allows Alexa to compare readings across different dates and times of the day, and the latest reading against the last highest or lowest recorded reading.
This can also provide the average reading upon request and locates and reads back their latest BP reading. In addition, it can also provide guidelines and tips to ensure accurate measurement. As a result, users will get updates on their recent BP readings and insights on the state of their health in real time, just by asking Alexa.
To enable the OMRON in Alexa, users simply need the Alexa App and the OMRON connect mobile app, which are available for free download on the Apple iOS or Google Play stores. Each time they want to access information about their heart health, they just have to ask Alexa to open Omron Connect.
The sleek-looking device sets the new standard in blood pressure monitoring. The display, monitor and cuff have been integrated into a compact one-piece device with no tabletop unit, tubes, or wires.
Thanks to its unique design and features, EVOLV offers unmatched usability and portability. This allows you to measure your BP anywhere, anytime.
Accuracy, convenience and comfort
Studies have shown that one in three people measure their BP inaccurately using devices with standard cuffs. EVOLV's Intelli-Wrap Cuff Technology ensures 360° Accuracy that generates clinically-accurate readings in any position around your upper arm. The Cuff Wrap guide ensures that EVOLV is wrapped correctly.
This 'Intellisense' technology quietly inflates the cuff automatically to what is ideal for your body. EVOLV also detects body movement during measurement to assure the accuracy of your readings. The machine even sends a warning if an irregular heartbeat has been detected.
OMRON devices have proven their reliability and accuracy under rigorous testing procedures by major health organisations on subjects, and EVOLV is no exception.EVOLV has successfully passed the validation of International Protocol defined by European Society of Hypertension (ESH-IP) for pregnant women and women with pre-eclampsia.
It is a reliable and appropriate device for pregnant women and women with pre-eclampsia, ensuring accurate readings and support to timely diagnose possible hypertensive disorders.
One space to track your health
EVOLV's internal memory can store up to 100 readings. You can also download the OMRON Connect App, available for free on iPhone and Android app stores. Once paired with EVOLV, the app wirelessly syncs readings with your smartphone and you can even share your results via e-mail, messages or WhatsApp, or sync them automatically to any other compatible app, including Apple Health.
Only two buttons for Start/Stop and Sync
EVOLV has only two buttons: START/STOP and the connection button. Use START/STOP to get a reading with EVOLV, it's that easy. Its OLED screen instantly displays systolic, diastolic and pulse readings in bold numbers for direct feedback.
You'll need the connection button only once if you choose to pair EVOLV with your smartphone. Once paired, readings are synced to your smartphone over Bluetooth with a simple swipe.
Committed to improving people's lives, OMRON Healthcare provides clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. With over 200 million blood pressure monitors sold worldwide, OMRON Healthcare is the market leader in digital blood pressure monitors for both home and professional use.

OMRON's connect app allows you to store multiple recordings of blood pressure, making it easier to maintain your health.
OMRON's connect app allows you to store multiple recordings of blood pressure, making it easier to maintain your health.

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