Quality matters when safekeeping valuables

Quality matters when safekeeping valuables
HARTMANN TRESORE Middle East LLC has a wide product portfolio of European standard certified safes

Safes are available in many different sizes and security levels. Purchase one best suited for your needs with a dedicated safe specialist at HARTMANN TRESORE MIDDLE EAST LLC, Dubai. Excerpts from an interview with General Manager Reiner Kaltenbach:

A safe is an essential item for everyone - be it for private or business. Everyone has valuables and documents that can only be obtained with great efforts or not at all. These include important documents and papers, for example passports or ID cards, pension documents, wills and contracts - as well as electronic devices, such as digital cameras and tablet PCs, or of course, jewellery and watches. Also, IT equipment like external hard drives, USB flash drives and DVDs with important files, or for example, the photos of the last years should be stored in the safe, as well as old family photos and other mementos. 
Safety standards
Safes with poor quality can possibly be broken into without much effort. In reality there are "inner values " that make up the quality of a vault, such as special concrete fillings with reinforcements between the steel walls or special reinforcements in the lock area or the electronic lock itself. Therefore, it is important to buy certified safes that are above a certain level of burglary resistance and fire-proof where the certificate is issued by well-known and recognised, independent institute such as the VdS or the ECB-S from Germany.
Certified safes have resisted extensive breakthrough tests with a variety of tools done by the testing institutes according to specified criteria carried out. Depending on, how long the safe withstood the attempted break-in, it gets a certain degree of burglary resistance-certified. The higher the security grade, the more the safe offers protection and the higher it can be insured by insurance companies.
Choosing the right safe
The best protection provided by safes is a certified burglary protection and certified fire protection. The size as well as location of the safe are important to consider. Consulting a specialist company like HARTMANN TRESORE will help you to buy the right safe. In most cases, the safe should be a "purchase for life" to offer real security.
You should also think about the lock of the safe. An electronic lock compared to the "classic" mechanical key lock has several advantages:
- No keys to store somewhere, hence prevents destruction of surroundings when burglars seek the safe key.
- Easy to programme multiple users with the new biometric fingerprint locking system, which use certified and globally renowned biometric algorithms.
Opt for a safe specialist
Transporting and installing safe can be a challenge. A specialist company that deals with safes has the necessary equipment and know-how to even transport a 300-kg-plus safe to a desired location in the house and anchor it there professionally. 
At HARTMANN TRESORE, we clarify all the important points for delivery and the transport route with the customer in advance based on a checklist, so that we are prepared for the existing conditions.
Bigger presence in Gold and Diamond Park
After six successful years of presence at the Gold and Diamond Park, Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, HARTMANN TRESORE moved to a bigger showroom at the same venue to display its wide range of quality safes from Germany. With a large warehouse located in Dubai, HARTMANN TRESORE MIDDLE EAST LLC not only offers fast delivery, but also provides comprehensive after-sales service. 
Tested and certified
HARTMANN TRESORE Middle East LLC has a wide product portfolio of European standard certified safes - from burglar and fire-proof document and data safes, and wall and furniture safes, to drop and deposit safes, strong room doors and strong rooms.
Another speciality of the company is security solutions for the hospitality industry. This includes easy-to-operate hotel room safes, energy-saving and noise-free mini bars, safe deposit lockers, drop-safes and back office safes for HR and accounting.
Custom-made luxury
SIGNATURE SAFES by HARTMANN are a brand of safes by HARTMANN TRESORE that are purely created out of customers' design ideas and expectations. Every personalised concept is possible - from the size and paint finish, to fittings and interior fit-outs - be it a high-gloss black safe with hand-crafted white leather interior, precious pearl white high-gloss finish with contrasting dark Macassar ebony-wood and delicate glass shelves, or a safe with pink mother-of-pearl effect and stained oak wood interior. The handles, hinges and hinge caps can also be delivered in gold or platinum finish on request.
HARTMANN TRESORE can also create drawers and shelving out of precious woods such as oak, walnut or light maple, lined with black velvet and fitted with a ring or chain holders, alongside integrating mechanical watches, or an LED interior lighting to illuminate valuable pieces.
Get hold of HARTMANN TRESORE's latest catalogue via e-mail at info@safes.ae or call +971-4-380 8099/ +971-4-338 5859, Websites: www.safes.ae, www.signature-safes.ae

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