Partial Solar Eclipse to be Visible in UAE Today

Partial Solar Eclipse to be Visible in UAE Today

A darker morning will greet late risers in the UAE today when an annular solar eclipse takes place.

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Published: Fri 15 Jan 2010, 8:38 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 2:29 PM

The eclipse begins in central Africa before tracking across the Indian Ocean and East Asia.

A partial eclipse will be visible from 9.15am in the UAE and reach its peak after that. The greatest part of the eclipse will occur at 11.06am in the UAE — though the entire sun will not appear covered in the country’s location.

The path of annularity, where a rim of the sun can be seen behind the moon, will last at its peak for just more than 11 minutes.

Such duration won’t be repeated for 1,033 years. About one-third of the sun will be covered by the moon from the view of UAE residents.

To view it safely, and understand more about the eclipse, the Dubai Astronomy Group has encouraged residents to view it at an observation activity being held at New World Private School in Tawar area.

Annular Solar eclipse over Asia and Africa

Annular eclipse of the sun will occur over central Africa, the Indian Ocean and east Asia on January 15. It will be the longest lasting solar eclipse since 1992. During annular eclipse, moon is further away from Earth than in total eclipse so outer edge of sun (annulus) is seen.

Solar eclipses

  • Total solar eclipse: when the moon’s shadow crosses the Earth’s surface, a total eclipse of the sun is seen. One total eclipse occurs each year or two. Two total eclipses in the same place on earth occurs on average every 375 years
  • Annular solar eclipse: When the moon does not cover the sun entirely, depending on how close the moon is to the earth when it passes in front of the sun
  • Hybrid eclipse: When either a total or an annular eclipse switches to become the other during the path safe viewing
  • Sun can be viewed safely only for a few seconds during a total eclipse—not an annular eclipse Use a filter designed for the purpose.

Readily available are welder’s glass

  • Reflect the image using a card/ sheet with a pinhole or a bucket of water
  • Unsafe filter: colour film, some non-silver black and white film, X-ray films with images, smoked glass

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