Jail for Assaulting, Insulting Colleague

FUJAIRAH - The Fujairah Court of Appeal upheld a primary judgment convicting an Asian to two months in jail and a fine of Dh500 for consuming alcohol and assaulting and insulting fellow worker.

Fujairah police centre received in September 2009 a complaint from a worker accusing the defendant of making a slight cut on a sensitive part of his body while he was sleeping at a workers’ accommodation complex and later insulted him using obscene language.

The accused confessed to the public prosecutors of injuring and cursing the victim. In another case, the higher court upheld a court verdict sentencing a Pakistani tailor to two months in prison and fined him Dh100,000 for harbouring and employing an infiltrator.

The jail sentence will be followed by deportation.

The naturalisation and residency authorities had arrested the accused during a crack down. He was found not having a passport after entering the country illegally.

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