Freedom for a better tomorrow


Freedom for a better tomorrow
Ahmed ShaikhaniPresident of Pakistan Business Council - Dubai

Pakistan has diversity, a range of strategic endowments and is a resilient nation

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Published: Sun 13 Aug 2017, 3:09 PM

Last updated: Sun 13 Aug 2017, 5:14 PM

Pakistan today is a democratic country with more stability. People are educated and understand the stability of life. Pakistani people all over the world are celebrating their Independence Day in many significant ways.  
There is something about independence - f or a country, for a culture, and even for a people - that we long for. Those who have it cherish it, and those who don't fight for it at all costs. We value our freedom, our autonomy, and most of all, our independence.
This is a time for celebration - a time for family, friends, and community - and I'd like to recognise all the positive contributions from the Pakistani Business Council in Dubai (PBC), its Board of Directors and its members. When folks are free to experiment, innovate, and explore, they bring about positive changes in the world. That's what independence is all about. It's about understanding how much we can accomplish for ourselves and for each other when we are free to move forward. Let's not just celebrate Pakistan's Independence Day, but also work together to make our nation stronger and better through education and development through our business circles.
Pakistan celebrates its 71st Independence Day and the youth are in it. ?Pakistan has made big successes. It has stabilised its security and finances, shored up its reserves to all time high and has vibrant and most lucrative business in Dubai in terms of Real Estate, General Trading, Foodstuff, Jewellers' and ?much more.
Most promising is Pakistan's long-term growth and development story, as it is strategically located.  
Pakistan has diversity, a range of strategic endowments, a highly resilient nation and strong development potential that can be harnessed by right investments in diversified sectors.
PBC have opened up its doors for foreign investment for years now and is home to some leading multinationals that added value to market capitalisation of exchanges, given its expertise in market trends and its open and transparent regulations and its potential. PBC Dubai embraces different challenges and hardships for goals and successes.
Let us celebrate our Independence Day with this message of prosperity, positivity, peace and freedom.
The Pakistan Business Council registered members are 500,and we represent more than 3,000 businesses in the UAE. It's very easy to become a PBC member: just logon to:
Go to 'Join us' tab and fill the membership form, or you can also contact Ellanie Villena on her cell 056-1093017 or e-mail:
Ahmed Shaikhani
President of Pakistan Business Council - Dubai

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