Flight diverts to save heart attack patient

DUBAI — An Emirates crew's action in diverting a flight and giving first aid to a passenger who suffered a heart attack shortly after take-off may just have saved his life, according to passengers.

By Zoe Sinclair (Our staff reporter)

Published: Tue 4 Mar 2008, 8:43 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:36 PM

It was a flight diversion and a delay that passengers were happy to deal with and praised the staff's efficient handling of the emergency situation.

An Emirates spokesperson confirmed EK583 from Dhaka to Dubai yesterday was diverted to Mumbai after the passenger's condition developed.

"On the flight the passenger was attended to by the cabin crew who were in touch with doctors on the ground via the airline's Medlink system," she said.

"On arrival in Mumbai, Emirates airport team organised an ambulance and a doctor to attend to the passenger."

One passenger, who refused to be named, said he saw the emergency develop in front of him. He said the passengers were informed that a patient, a middle-aged man, was apparently suffering from a heart attack.

"Under the circumstances he would have probably kicked the bucket if not for the flight diversion," he said, praising the crew's quick action to make an emergency landing .

The Emirates spokesperson said the passenger's condition was reported to be stable in a hospital in Mumbai last night.

A delay of about an hour occurred as a result of the diversion and reloading baggage after the patient was removed.

"Emirates have done a good job," the passenger said. "We were delayed but nobody minded - a life was at stake."

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